Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012.

Aww. Today is the last day of the year! I was suddenly awake and felt like the need to blog. Woah!! A really good sign telling myself that I haven't been scribbling in my inside story page and that, I should do it before the year ends! Hehe!

Oh. Before that, Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013! I hope that you guys did have a blessed and joyful christmas with your loved ones just like I did. :)

Well, frankly speaking - saying good bye to 2012 was quite difficult for me. A lot of things happened and I am 201 % sure that I am going to miss them badly.

So, let's do some recap on what has been happening this 2012. Shall we? Jooom! :)

Starting off, my new year's eve for 2012 - since I was still a student and it wasn't a holiday on that time, I was spending the eve with my fellow Borneos. Great! Eat, eat and eat. Who doesn't like eating kan? Haha.

I was  still a student back then. Final year student to be exact and January was the month of Sem 1 final exam. So, you might see how busy the month was. Sem 1 officially ended and I started my last holiday as a student. It should be 4 weeks but being the final year student doesn't allow you to enjoy all your 4 weeks happily. So, I went back campus on the third week. How sad, kan? :(

February - My final semester of my final year. Hearing the words final was like," Wow, almost the end!". Yup3. That was exactly how I felt on that time. But, the workloads, phew! Thesis + case study + clinical placement. Oh, month of love was it?Haha. To be exact, Valentine Day. I didn't spend it alone. Instead, I spent them with my house mates searching for books ( RM 200 Baucer Buku - remember that?? Hehe)

This month, I started my first week of clinical posting. The arrangements of clinical posting was quite different for this semester. Well, I started mine with Orientation and Mobility. The fun part was, refreshing the knowledge of using the white cane. The not so best part was, of course, has always been - the case study. Haha. But, thank God.

I was still in the midst of clinical posting. The third one already. Thesis stuff of course, was still on the run. Phew 15X. ( Almost the same routine for a student, kan? Haha!)

May was quite a special month. (Special, I guess?? Haha) It's like the climax of my study period. Haha. Clinical placement ended, which I was going to miss and yes because I did, now. Really busy finishing up the three last chapters for my thesis and not to mention this was all the difficult and very important chapters. Stress level - Higgggghh! I was feeling so stressful with all the chapters, datelines of submitting this and that, final exams. Oh, I forgot to mention - I need to redo my chapter 2, LR part and of course the other chapters were also affected a bit. For you who knows, the difficulty of doing the LR in 10 pages and in Malay language. Huhu. Despite the busy-ness of May, May was still a great month. Attend quite a lot of dinner and the best part behind it, SHOPPPING! Haha.

Almost the end of student's life. Feeling great but at the same time the sadness fills.Thesis was also at the end of the finishing level. Thank God. Dilemma came and fills too. It's because you were at the end of your student's life and people had been asking you your future plan. To add that up, it was quite frustrating because you don't have one at that time. Haha! Sad enough kan? Well, aside from academic stuff, church community stuff. A KAGAPE event was held and it was never-been-better-awesome! Hehe.

Student life - ENDED! My 4 years journey in UKM was officially ended. Glad but feeling sad at the same time leaving all those memories created in UKM. I still missed them now. Huhu. New stage of life started - jobless! Haha. I was planning to have a long holiday but I couldn't persuade myself to do so. So, I went and look for a temporary job - clerk. Hoho.

I was still in a job hunting process and still in my temporary job. Haha. I got my final exam result and Thank God. It was something that I have never expected. Thank God. Another stress coming in, jobless kan. haha.

Happy 23rd birthday to me! Haha.

Officially graduated- I'm an OT now! Missed my flight and traumatized by that. Haha. I went to Simpang Mengayau and I soo wanna go back there again. Still - jobless!

Officially jobless. I quit from my temporary job and became a permanent house-NOT-wife. Haha.

Not in link? Haha. A lot of things happen actually but I was so busy that I wasn't able to share them. Hehe. Wonderful and great month. Loved ones has always been the cause. Hehe

What a year right?. Thank you 2012. I get to know many new people in my life, been through and learnt a lot. If my 2012 checklist, was going to meet or find someone that will make me happy, thanks! You guys rock my world! But, if it is really a someone - I almost did find someone but still almost was not the one.Hehe. Well, I do hope 2013 enable me to tick that check-list. Haha!

Farewell 2012, Hello 2013. :) 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wondering what I've been up to?? ;)

Evening view - on the way carolling. nice kan? especially the clouds. hehe

This is one of the activities that I have for this month. Carolling! It's been awhile that I didn't join this group and I kinda missed it.

Oh, Christmas tree!
I went to my aunt's house  and she was busy setting up her newly-bought christmas tree. Seeing her doing that makes me feel - "Oh, lamaaaa suda saya tidak hias2 pokok krismas. rinduuu". Such a wonderful feeling. Hehe.

Inspirational quotes!
My aunt ( the same aunt I mentioned above) has just moved in to her new house. What's great about her new home is that, most of the wall has this inspirational quotes! Awesome, kan? Getting inspired and motivated just by staring at her wall. Hehe.

 hair cut lagi!
My mum wanted to try out one of the saloon in 1B. I became the tikus makmal and here's the outcome. Thanks God! Nasib okay la and I really like it. Hehe. I think I'm going to like and enjoy being in a short hair. Hoho.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 thanks tumblr!

I came across this on tumblr and I feel so related to it. Konon. Haha.

I admit, previously I so wanted to be in a relationship especially after the break-up. ( Looks like a rebound symptom. rebound ka tu??)

But then, now that I think of it.. Being in a relationship is no longer my priority. Relationship is not the only way of being happy. Kalau ada, adalah. Kalau tiada, no worries.! Hehe.

I came to realize that God has another plan for me, that He is preparing me for something much better than what I'm in now. Just like what the tumblr image says - POSITIONING.

So, now - I am enjoying my single hood to the max, appreciating every tiny bits of it. Weehuu!

Thank you, Lord!

p/s : bukan mo jadi sumbung ba, tapi klu hati terbuka untuk menerima sda, mmg ada juga tu haha!

Not Sure?

Quite not sure why I keep thinking of you, mainly tonight. Phew.

I wanted to at least send you a message of saying "Hi, how are you?" but since your  current location forbid me to do so, I was kinda blur right now. Still guessing, whether is this some kind of petanda or etc. If it is really a petanda, then hopefully it's a good one-lah.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Exactly. Phew.

But, I deliver everything unto Your hands God

" I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."

Ezekiel 36:26


Friday, November 16, 2012

Yes, You Are For Me.

You Are For Me

Felt so good listening to this song. Yes, Lord. You are for me.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Girls will always be girls when it come to shoes. Kan? Hehe.

I was doing some cleaning in my room and found out that, banyak pula kasut saya ini! But, still I wanted to buy some more. Haha.

thanks tumblr!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hi November!

Yes, November. Please be good. :)

October passed by just like that. So fast and yeah, there were a lot of things happened in October. Good things and of course, a few not so good things, I guess.

One of the good things! Officially graduated after 4 years of struggles, hardships, and craziness of  being an OT student. Hehe. Thank you, all of you who had been there all the time. Supporting me through thick and thin. Love you lots! :)

Another good things that happened!I became a volunteer at a centre and a week there makes me happy. I should not give that up, kan? Yeah!

The other thing - I'm still thinking actually, whether to give it up or not. This one is a bit complicated. So, I need some time to think it thoroughly. Should I give up or not. Worth the fight or not. So, hold on la.

Well, November - I really hope you do have something good for me. Amen.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I sooo wanna go here again!

Last Sunday, I went to Simpang Mengayau. The view is sooooo damn nice! I really wanna go back there again. That next time, I wanna take pictures as much as I can. Yeah. Again!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Finding happiness in others

Gaya macam so free kan sekarang? Ha Ha. You bet.

Usual routine, stalking people on facebook. Kamurang pun kan? Ha Ha. Neh, kedapatan!

Well, I was scrolling down my news feed and guess what?? After quite a long time of not visiting this person's wall (after the incident) and tiada updates facebook dia keluar on my news feed, so ini kali-lah! Wah, dia tukar profile picture yang baru. sama dia punya *tuut*. Hehe.

Jeles ko bilang? *hmm, let me think for a while.* Ada skit? Buli ka macam tu? Ahaha.

That person - A

So, I decided to do a visit on A's facebook wall. Looking at A's pictures, status and etc. Then, I saw one picture with A being tagged on it. Reading the comments. Suddenly, burst out laughing on my own. Haha!

Err, confusing is it? Let me make it easier for you.

Well, (well lagi. fuh. haha) . Saya ada history sama ni A.What kind of history, itu belakang kira lah. Biar saya seja yang tau.

Secara logik pun, bukan senang kita mau ketawa-ketawa and hepi-hepi bila tingu orang yang suda buat kita frustrated, sedih dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Yup3, I admit. It is not easy for me too and it takes a long time to recover from that what-so-ever situations.

But, whatever it is, we should try to forgive and maybe at least forget what has happened.

Looking at your picture and laughing at it, makes me realized that, I can find happiness in others. You may not find happiness in me, but thanks to you, you kinda make my day. kinda? ( Haha. I consider you as one of my happiness button today)

Moral of the story? Erm. Can't think of anything for now. Ha Ha.But, I'm sure that you get  the point of what I'm trying to say.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”-  Dalai Lama XIV

Yup3.True indeed. You are responsible of the actions that would lead you to your  own happiness. So, choose wisely people.

Yeay! another pinky happiness button here.   

Have a great weekend, peeps! Going to be away from my usual routine this weekend and I hope I find another button of happiness there! Haha! God bless. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rainy day!

It has been raining these past few days. Yeah, quite heavy-lah! But, yahh - it doesn't stop me singing when I'm in the mood to sing lah! Hehe.

I remember, back when I was still a student. Especially when the class was cancel or ended early and then it was raining that afternoon. Weehuu!

Cepat-cepat la kunun saya pigi tukar baju, pigi tandas semua. Kasi settle everything dengan sangat laju. Suda siap semua, apa lagi, tiduuuurrrr berselimut lah. Berjam-jam gitu.
Ahahahaa! Kenangan manis zaman-zaman dahulu kala.

Sekarang, phew. Mengantuk setengah mati pun tidak juga dapat tidur. Sebab? Saya bukan student lagi. Suri rumah pun bukan. Kalau suri rumah, confirm lah lama suda mengampai atas tilam.

Dei, paspuhun seja lah. 

Merasa lah ni sekarang. Rindu-rinduan kunu menjadi student dan suri rumah. Pei!Padahal, before ini, mau-mau cepat habis belajar and dapat kerja.

Jadi, moral of the story - janganlah telampau rushing / terburu-buru buat keputusan. Urang putih bilang, take it slow. Pikir bagus-bagus dulu. Hehe.

Friday, October 5, 2012

bila saya sudah berhati batu.

bila saya sudah berhati batu, semua pun rasa sama saja. peduli lah ko mo cakap apa pun, bila saya sudah berhati batu, satu titik itu perasaan pun saya tiada rasa.


recently, ini hati batu datang menjelma. saya minta maaf sangat2.dari hujung kaki sampai hujung rambut (terbalik kan?) kepada sesiapa yang turut ter-affect dengan saya punya hati batu simptom.

jahat kan saya? huhuhu. :(

saya pun jadi hairan kenapa tiba-tiba dia datang menjelma. sebelum ini, sebenarnya ok saja. saya tidak sure apa yang bikin trigger, tapi all of the sudden jadi begini.

saya harap betul saya tahu kenapa, tapi tidak. sedih. 

sekarang, saya rasa bersalah sudah sama orang-orang yang ter-affect ni.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Year, Another Wonder!

Adding another year to my age today and guess what - Another year, Another wonder! Weehuu.! :)

Thank you, Lord! Up until now, I am still breathing. Amen.

My loved ones, who have always been there for me from the day that I was born.

Besties ~ pretty Sumandaks! Glad to have amazing sisters like you guys.

Friends, wherever you are - thanksssss a lot!

I am grateful indeed for all your wonderful and lovely wishes on my birthday. I am wishing the same for you guys too. I know, words are not enough to describe how thankful I am, but once again, thank you guys. 

My world would never be the same without you all. Thank you! :)

Thank you guys! :)

Well, looking back on my last year birthday's post - my wish did come true. Thank you, Lord. I'm able to finish my study in time.

( Please ignore those other three wishes. Itu adalah wishes orang yang sedang perasan. Ha Ha.)

As for this year - I wish, I wish with all my heart to get a permanent and stable job; something related to OT. 
Amen. Hehe.

Since I've mentioned that I'm always looking forward on how does it look on my birthday - Well, nothing interesting today. Ha Ha.

 Happy Birthday Winnie! Haha. :)

Others who share the same birthday with me, happy birthday guys! Wishing you all the best in life. :)

Till then, take care. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just a Little Bit.

Just when I thought that everything were fading away, one call makes everything much better. Hee.

Thank God. :)

So, now I'm hoping and praying hard that everything will go well for me.

Hearing new updates from my friends, especially my course mates - makes me feel wow!. Well, they do have new stuffs going on lately. As for me, still in the same condition. But, thanks to that call,  feels revive again. 

Birthday is around the corner. Any surprises for me? Ahahaha . * please Winnie*

Yup3. Is this the good thing that I have been waiting for? Hopefully. :) . By the way, how's yours?

Take care you guys! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Right now, I can feel that my OT knowledge is fading away. phew.

Self confidence and positive emotions - fading away too.

Ba, jadey?? apa maciam ini?

 thanks tumblr!:)

This is what I'm trying to do now. Real hard punya. But, sometimes, listening to what other people says instead of experiencing it on my own, feels much better. Duh.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hi-Ho September!

Hi-Ho September!

Have always been looking forward to September! Hehe. For sure you guys know why juga kan.

It's my birthday! As usual. Hehe. Just to see how my day would be on that time. Hoho. So, now I'm waiting-lah!

I hope that it would be a wonderful and amazing day for me. Amen.

Well, on a different note, I'm also hoping that September would bring something good and nice to me. A permanent job, maybe? Hopefully. :)

Till then, take care for now. :)

yup3. important things. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a short one !

Dropping by to say Hello! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

I am still in a denial state actually. Although , I am so looking forward to the graduation day ; deep inside I still feel like a student. To be exact, little girl . Haha. I guess, I'm kinda afraid being a grown up woman. ( no longer a girl, okay? - phewww!)

I have a  lot of things that I'm worried about, actually. Huhu.

Yup3. Hold on. God knows what He is doing.

I believe God has plans for each of us. Good things will come to those who wait patiently.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Frankly speaking, I feel like my life is in a very messy condition right now. At times, I feel like somehow somewhere like the road not taken situation (read your secondary school English literature).

Thank God that I've finished with all the studying stuff and now that's left is a new whole world out there, waiting for me.

Fuh. Quite difficult  I guess, turning into adult.There's a lot of things need to be think and done carefully. Well, of course, I can always ask for someone to think of my life but I suppose it won't work that way. Sure, in the end I wouldn't be satisfy nor happy.

I know things will not get better just by regretting the past. But, what to do? 


I pray for your courage, strength and faith dear Lord. Amen.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

buttons of happiness :)

 thanks tumblr! my number 1 inspiration!

Scrolling down my tumblr, and I found this. Felt like heaven seeing this picture. Well, read here

Then, I come out with the title - buttons of happiness.

I wish I own many of them so that I can wear them whenever I'm feeling low.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello August!

Hello August!

It's been a while kan? Fuh. A lot of things going on recently but my hands, ( the brain actually) couldn't come out with the best lines to display here. Ha Ha.

Never mind, what matters now is that, I'm here! :)

Exam result and overall 4 years performance as an OT student. - Weehuu!

Thank You Lord! Thank You everyone! Inside story space may not be able to fit in all your names here (if I were to mention them all), but I am really grateful for having your presence with me for the past 4 years in UKM.

Family and friends - never get tired of hearing me complained, mumbling and etc ; always there to comfort and listen to all my nonsense, crap and what ever they were. I love you guys! A lot! You guys sure rock my world more than ever.

Now that's left - Convocation Day this October. I am so looking forward to it. 

Oh ya, I am so looking forward to the 23th birthday too. Ha Ha. Can't wait to see how my day would look like on that time.

Till then, take care! :)

hoping the best for August! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

: )

credits to tumblr. :)
Yup3. I am experiencing this now. Knowing someone for a short amount of time but the impact -phew!

Always looking forward to the SMS, smiling seeing the text and sudden butterflies in stomach.

Hmm. what could this be?

confessions of a house-NOT-wife #1

This is my second week of being so damn free, sitting at home.

Yeah, of course. Memang saya sedang berguyang-guyang kaki ni sekarang. Heish.

Two weeks at home - I've done a lot of thinking, and got some, I mean one inspiration-lah!

If previously, I soo wanted a job here, in Sabah. Now that I think of it, looking through all those circumstances and etc, OT scope here is quite limited. I guess, I need to be away from home again. *sigh*

Unless, I want to be something that is not OT, then I can stay here la. foreveer. hoho.

But in the meantime, I mean, while waiting for my convocation day, I am planning on looking for a job.Temporarily la. At least, adalah income masuk kan. daripada duduk rumah seja.

Huh. Any tips on that?

Duduk rumah lama-lama pun buli stress pula kan. Heish.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hey Sabah, I'm back!

Yaa.. Hey Sabah, I'm back!

Today, the fourth day - been here. Awesome. He He.

Well, I still have no idea, what am I going to do with my life. Still, seriously no idea. 

Yesterday, went to meet a surgeon. Discussing about the OT position in a new hospital. He was asking me about ortho stuffs and splinting and etc.. Demm. I've forgotten them all. If this is in a real exam, confirmed fail sudah. But, he complimented me on my conversation skills. In which saya rasa, macam besa-besa seja.

Phew. Guide me O Lord. Amen.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Farewell UKM-Kuala Lumpur,Hello Sabah.

At this point - few hours more before Sabah.

Oh, and FYI- I couldn't sleep well last night. Restless.

Still in denial state  actually.Huhu.

I am going to miss my life here. Take care everyone! Pray for my safe journey. :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

UKM's journey.

Hullo! Apologies, long time haven't been able to scribble down the inside story. But, hey - I'm back! :)

I'm not that busy, but it's just that I don't have any idea what to update. Now, that I have - I'm going to scribble like I never before. Konon-lah!

I've just submitted my hard bound thesis. I thought that I would be feeling excited, happy, relief and etc, but actually, I don't feel anything at all. Denial state, I guess. Denying the fact that I've finished with all that stuff. Huh!

So, here's my journey- in UKM . :)

First Year

In the early months of my first year study here, was not that good. In fact, I was going to quit UKM. Thank God, I had a very supportive family and friends back then, I chose to stay here. You see (if you guys knew me outside of this inside story), OT wasn't my  first choice. So, it's kinda hard for me to accept the fact that I got OT. Besides, being away ( awaaaay) from family makes it worse.

So, if you asked me anything about my orientation week - Sorry, I only have little memories on it. I was too depressed (la kot.haha!) during that time, that I tend to forget what ever happen on that time. This one is true - read psychology to know more. He He.

Moment 1

In a hall, with course mate - orientation week. Listening to briefing about each courses.

Coursemate : Hi, nama saya A******. Nama kamu siapa ?
Me : Hi, nama saya Winnie. ( serious face)
Coursemate : Oh, comelnyer nama kamu.
Me : Thanks. (Oh man, I forgot her name already. Sorry.)

See, how miserable I was on that time? I forgot her name. But, hey, she has been one  of my closest friends here since then. He He. Thanks Aziella. :)

Well, after a few months being in UKM, I began to enjoy them. Especially, when I got to know my Borneo gang. They became my strength and courage living my life here. Thanks kawan-kawan!

Second Year

I realized that, little by little , I have fallen in like with OT. Thank God. I've came to realize that things happen for a reason. Second year, senior2 sudah sikit. Jadi, pandai sudah la tembirang2. Ha Ha! tidak la juga. Senior yang baik ba. Ha Ha Ha.

My friends and I were very active in all the college activities. Maklumlah, gila merit kan. Mo stay dalam kunun. So, main bantai seja semua jawatan yang ada. Yang penting, merit and duduk dalam. He He.

Second semester was very stressful for me as I became the exhibition exco for Festival 1 Malaysia. This involved me dealing with outside people, which was the not my expertise and I really (27x) don't like it. I was out for meeting almost every night. Damn busy, kan?

I remember, I really need a break on that one time. I put my phone on silent mode with no vibrate and slept for about half an hour. As I woke up, banyak sudah missed calls. Dashyat kan? Ha Ha

My first clinical posting - Orthopedic and surgical in Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Temerloh.

Nervous and all that stuff. First time kan, mestilah masi blur2 lagi. When I look back my case study on that time, ketawa sendiri. duh, naive pula dulu2 ni. Ha Ha.

Third Year

Senioooor lagi. Ha Ha. Bestnya dapat ramai junior baru Borneo. He He. Sukaaaa! Awal-awal 3rd year ni, ada crisis. Huh. Pasal IPC - International Power Lifting Championship. This was my first time that I stand up for my opinion and got rejected just like that. Huh! I'm a bit shy and not that courageous person. So, when I stand up for this, meaning to say, I really meant it. Huhu. But, nevertheless, I'm grateful that my opinion was rejected. This is because, it was among the best experiences I had being a volunteer. He He. Not to mention, dapat souvenir dari Coach Thai. Ha Ha!

Clinical posting in Melaka and HKL for this 3rd year. Awesome! He He. And I was doing my Industrial training back in Sabah.Read here

Moment 2
I was doing my psychiatry posting in Melaka and one of those days was actually my 21st birthday. So, one of the patient, which was also my case study patient gave me a gift. Mug, if I'm not mistaken. But, since I'm still a student, and ya la.. according to ethics and etc, I didn't take that gift. I just left them in the department.

Moment 3

I was helping out my friend with her case study patient. Her patient was having traumatic brain injury and got  problem with his speech. (read up on TBI, and you'll see what the effects are). Funny thing was that, he was in that condition and dia masih buli main mata sama saya. Astaga! memang saya tidak faham yang ini. In mind on that time - Dei, ni urang. sakit2 pun masih mo mengurat.yay!

Fourth Year

Supppeeeeerrrrr - Sennniiiioooor. No more classses! Weeehuuu! Clinical posting and thesis.

My clinical posting - HKL, PPUKM, Hospital Selayang and OT UKM.

This was my super duper busy, stressful year but Thank God, I managed to get through it. Up till now, I don't believe that saya almost mau habis suda.

In the early months being a fourth year student, looking forward to the end. But, when I almost reached the end, sedih juga. Huhu.

UKM has taught me a lot. Friends, experiences and all those amazing moments I had here will always be remembered. Thank you guys! Words are far beyond enough to express how exactly  I felt, but this is one of the way la. I am gonna miss you guys. Hu Hu

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Everything, checked! :)

Yeaah!!! Weehuu!! :)

I am in  a happy mode. Extremely happy. But still not considered to be euphoric la. Tahap kegembiraan masih pada tahap normal.

All the oncoming events that I've been listing down, every time I'm scribbling my inside story - I've passed them all. Thank God.

And I had just passed my thesis's viva. Not to mention, I was the last one. Initial schedule - I'm on morning session. Then, changed to second last. Lepas tu, changed again to the last one. 

Tiapa. Saya assume, saya kena last sebab alphabetical order. Ha Ha. Positive much ?

Honestly, I would rather be the first one. Sebab, habis awal lah nanti! You see, penantian itu satu penyeksaan. Ha Ha. Yeah. I suffered a bit in the midst of waiting for my turn. Hearing  stories of all my friends who had already been through the viva. Then, suddenly feel like (*(^&%^#%^*(. 

But then, never mind. Thank God, I've finished them. But this is not the end. Corrections still need to be done within this week. Jilid thesis lagi. Duh.

Few more days before back to home town. Yeah,a little bit of sad actually. ( Hujung-hujung baru People has been asking what are my plans, asking me when I'm available and this week has been a little bit pack. Apart from doing correction for my thesis, I've got dinners to attend.

Earlier this semester, I was planning (kunun-lah)   on going skating. I wanted to try them since my first year but no chance. Last time, almost pergi. Actually, on the exact place already and my besties was going to belanja me. But seeing the crowds of people, change of plans.

I guess, I'll skate later when I'm back in KL. Ho Ho. 

So, what's next??

thanks tumblr! u have always been the best inspirational companion to me. haha!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Never been, awesome! :)

The KAGAPE mass was over and it was awesome! Everything was beautiful.

Congratulations everyone! Hard work paid-off! :)

Now that I've think of it, I suddenly feel sad. I am going to be back for good and won't be able to see you guys again. Huh. :(

 How I wish, I had known you guys earlier so that we've got to spent more wonderful time together.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

final year student's first dilemma.

One last exam paper for tomorrow - Orientation and Mobility.
Hopefully, everything will be fine which means, I'm able to answer all the questions. Ha Ha ! Regardless, whether I'm merambang or not.

One of the few things that I need to settle before this - books and stuff packaging , sent to Sabah - done!

Yeay! which means I still have few more boxes to be carried home with me . Few more boxes plus luggages. Never mind, that one later!

Oncoming events - KAGAPE mass, thesis viva.

Final year has almost come to its end and of course, ( I am 201 % sure) most topics that the final year students have been talking about is -  plan after study, work and something related to it.

And  that hot topic, includes me. I'm asking around and have been asked around what is my plan after this.

One thing for sure, all I want to do after this is, to get a good rest and holidays. bajet mo rehat2 lu kunu sebab panat suda belajar. yay. macam la dean list pun selama ini. haha!

I'm not sure, exactly,on how long I am going to have my holidays. I mean I didn't put certain fix dates that I want to do this and that. sandi eh.

Well, I soo hope that I am getting a job around Sabah. As for now, my interest of work is, to be in a clinical setting.  I've send resume  to all the centres that I've known in Sabah and so far only one has something positive to offer. But, I won't take that as something that I can hold on too. Don't want to put on so much hope for it.

And back here, in Peninsular - from what I've seen, more job opportunities for me. Duh. I did apply for a job here but that was just like kasi senang hati seja la. 

Now, I'm worried how my future would be. Few of my friends here has already gone and will be going to interview sessions. Some, got a job already! Fuh.

I don't even have a back up plan or any plan after this. Minus the holidays and a full time unpaid house-NOT-wife.

I just hope that, in the midst of having my holiday, I would have come out with some plans or maybe terbuka hati untuk kerja luar Sabah aka balik Peninsular. Amen.

But, my priority is to get a job back in Sabah lah! He He. Amen also.

 Even though I've reblogged that what happens on tumblr stays on tumblr, but this one is an exception. Ho Ho. Something funny and sweet like feeling seeing this image. couldn't help but to share them with you guys. :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

he's the one ♥

he's the one! ;)

Yep, no doubt. He's the one - my father, as we used to call him Didie. :)

Happy Father's Day Didie.  For what everything you did and gave to me, words are far beyond enough to express how thankful and grateful I am, being your one and only daughter. Hee.

May God's blessings falls upon you abundantly . Amen.

Oh ya, and of course to all the fathers out there, and soon to be one - wishing you guys Happy Father's Day too. ;)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Soft bound thesis submission, checked!

Hai - ho!

How is everyone doing right now?? Hopefully, all are in good condition. Ho Ho.

Well, it's the study week season now and yeah, of course everybody is damn busy with their revision. Kan?

As for me, soft bound thesis submission - checked! weeehu.!

Actually, I've finished them earlier  so that I can focus on my study . But then, Ha Ha! I don't know what I've been doing for the past one week. Already pass just like that. Ha Ha.

Anyway, all the best everyone! :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

thesis findings presentation, checked!

*current mode - taking a break from my case study manuscript writing. sigh*

Thank God, I've done with my thesis findings presentation. Ya, I could say the presentation went well. Hehe.

Minus this, still got a few more academic stuffs awaits me.

case study manuscript submission - although the dateline is extended, I wanna stick to the previous date given!

soft bound thesis submission - I want and need to finish thesis before the dateline. I need to start on my revision already!

viva thesis - I still don't have any idea on how the situation might be ( during that time) but fingers-crossed! hoping that everything will go well and  perhaps  little/some corrections only to be done? hopefully.

I am so looking forward to the day of going back to my home town. Sangat-sangat homesick! huhu.

Oh gosh.I really need a break. oxygen please! 

Sumandaks, joyah session please. :(

Dear Lord, I pray for your blessings and guidance during this critical time. Give me strength and courage so that I will be able to get through this. Amen.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Le Final Year

Today is 24th of May 2012 . It's 5.28 pm now. (Thank God, I'm not disorientated)

The so unproductive day for me - because I am so damn lazy. Lazy scale is 9.5 over 10. phew.!

Just because I'm a final year student, it doesn't  mean that I'm not allowed to be lazy. Kan?

So, the lazy day is today! Today.!  *Congratulations, Winnie. Today is your lazy day!*

Thesis finding's presentation - next week.

Case study manuscript - next week

Study week - The week after next week

Thesis soft bound submission - The week after next week

Wow! Quite a pack week before the final exam. Yay!

Oh, wait. haven't finish yet. I have Thesis Viva in the middle of my final exam. What a perfect combinations! :)

So, my apology - If I've ignored your phone calls or messages.
*Padahal, handphone memang sentiasa bobou pun.Haha*

There are lots of things to do in a very short time. Up to this stage, it's not the stress that I feel much but somehow, burn out seeing the workloads on my desk.

Itu baru workloads. Belum masuk lagi part packing stuff ,job searching and some matters that I need to settle before going back for good. Dei.

But, for sure, I am going to miss being a final year student. Despite all the workloads and stress that I've been through, final year is still a wonderful moment.

Being a final year student :

  • You no longer need to attend any classes, except for 1 week in the early semester. That 1 week is just to refresh your knowledge about the clinical placement that you will be attending.
  • No assignments! Weehuu!
  • You'll finish clinical placement two weeks earlier than study week. More time for waking up without alarm! Haha!
  • You'll have lots of dinner  to attend - just because you're a final year student and you don't want to miss it. Plus, it gives you more opportunity to  shop . until you drop. haha!
  • You'll appreciate your sleep time, more and more!
See the wonders of being a final year student? 
(Minus the tiredness felt after clinical placement, case study searching and presentation, viva clinical exam, projects for department,waking up early and going back late, thesis, thesis and thesis) Yeay, right?? :)

Just a few more weeks , Winnie! Please bear with it! After this, you're going to have a long break. 
(Planning on a real holiday without FB and handphone. Will I be able to do that? Looking forward then.)

Sneek Peek to my messy desk! On your left, workloads that I need to finish. Sticking on the board, are all the important dates. phew.!:)

For all the final year students out there, hang on guys. Just a little bit more. Anyway, best of luck ya!

Take care, God Bless. :)

Monday, May 21, 2012


I have a lot of stories to tell. Starting from my psychiatry clinical viva exam, college's annual dinner and some inside story . duh! where to start.?

Just a quick one then ..

Psychiatry clinical viva exam - my patient on that time suddenly stand up and walk away in the middle of the interview session. huh! Tears were in my eyes already that I thought  will fail this exam. But, thank God, the second patient can cooperate till the end of the session. phew!

College's annual dinner - the theme is blue colour! ocean of happiness. Thanks to my personal 'tukang gaya' for helping me choosing the best attire and to get ready for the night (credits to room mates!) The dinner was great! The food, the place.! Great job committee member! * further information about this dinner, please drop by my FB wall to see the pictures*

Inside story -

One of my church's friend shared this homily about Erti Hidup di Dalam Kasih yang Sebenar. Wonderful! Strikes me right in the heart and mind about the issue 'jodoh'. People always says that 'Jodoh di tangan Tuhan' . Please read this line again and think whether it is appropriate for all situations or not. I was once believe that everything (jodoh) is in God's hand - before reading this. After reading the homily and  hearing some explanations from a friend, I come to realize, it's not in God's hand. It's in our own hand.Actually.

I don't mean to say that God is not involved at all. He still is , by guiding and showing us how, who and where. Ask and you shall be given the answer.

Yes, I haven't been in a relationship for years and I'm used to it. People came and walk out of my life in which some I felt the impact given and some, I removed them. I know, it sounds somehow harsh but I can't help it. I've tried to be super nice, being empathy and all that but still being harsh is the method that I chose.

Honestly saying, I don't even  know where my heart stands - either still mourning, hesitant to move on, still attached,  traumatised or picky.

My deepest apology to those, whom I removed and soon to be removed. I have my reasons to do so.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


It's May already! and just like I've mentioned in my previous entry, there's still got little time before I finish my study and graduated ! * Amen*

Well, in that case, my work loads - phewww!.

Psychiatry viva exam - thesis findings presentation - case study manuscript submission - final exams - thesis viva - thesis submission


that is just the academic part. I have another few stuffs and commitment to be worried about ..

my things/property here - books, clothes etc.  How to ship them back to Sabah? I wish you could swim your own way back to Sabah. Punya bagus begitu kan.

gawai kaamatan event later in our church. worried about how it was going to be. 

finding jobs! huhu. I so wanna find job back in Sabah and I am extremely hoping that I could find at least one there. Been away from home for too long and now I just wish to be much closer to my loved ones.

Despite all the busy-ness I had and will have, May is still a great month.

It's a month for aramai-ti! Kiihoooi! - kaamatan, weddings and etc. too bad. won't be around for all these events.

Mother's day, Teacher's day and Mummy's birthday - I love you mummy! :)

Dinners , dinners and dinners - got a lot dinner event to attend to. maklum la kalau final year ni, semua dinner pun mau attend. kunun. But then, I haven't shop for the right attire. duh!

Ex-boyfie punya birthday - haha! just kidding.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful May ! ( same goes to me also, hehe)

Take care and God bless! XOXO.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Good bye April, Hello May

Good bye April, Hello May!

Few hours from now, May is coming.

Time flies damns fast, aite? May is around the corner, meaning to say, got 2 more months to go before I finished my study! * Amen*

For sure, I'm gonna miss the student's life but as for now, I am looking forward to my graduation day. :)

I'm still in the midst of clinical placement and thesis making. Ho Ho. Pray that I'll be able to finish all this within the time expected. *Amen*

Anyway, Happy Holiday everyone ( Labour's Day tomorrow!). Have a great one! God bless u, XOXO.

Ya, please be good to me. :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sudden randomness.

I managed to get through the first week of Psychiatric clinical posting. Thank God! It was awesome. My first week was actually Community and Job Placement. So, most of the time spent outdoor! Weehuu ! Who doesn't like outing, right?

I should get and should start doing my case study now. BUT, PITY ME. I haven't got any real case study that I want to present. *sigh* :(  I have one from the job placement, but the information is not enough. I managed to interview another one but due to time  constraint, no assessments are done.

So, Z-E-R-O lah! huhu.

And let me make it worse, I'm the only one left with no real case study. Yay. Macam mana laini??

Trying to make myself happy and feel much better, I started preparing empty slides, fill with tables and slides with title.   *In mind : Nanti kalau suda ada case study, tinggal kasi masuk tu information seja.*

Brilliant strategy, isn't it?? * Big applause for myself, haha!*

OK! enough with that.

I went for the Sick and Elderly Mass today. 

My prayers are with you, the people who are suffering from their illnesses and for the elderly. May the Lord shower you with His abundant blessings that you may be healed from the sickness and be comforted with his Love. Amen.

I haven't seen this aunty who used to be the patient that I attend back in HKL for so long and tonight I get to see her. I guess, it does feel good  when someone notice your presence. Hee. Just a random  thought on that one.

I'm going for a short trip this weekend. Real short one. Pray for my safety? Amen.

Happy Weekend everyone! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

10 ways to love :)

1. LISTEN without interrupting. (Proverbs 18)

2. SPEAK without accusing. ( James 1:19)

3. GIVE without sparing. ( Proverbs 21:26)

4. PRAY without ceasing. ( Colossians 1:9)

5. ANSWER without arguing. ( Proverbs 17:1)

6. SHARE without pretending. (Ephesians 4 :15)

7. ENJOY without complaint. ( Philippians 2 : 14)

8. TRUST without wavering. ( Corinthian 13:7)

9. FORGIVE without punishing. ( Colossians 3 : 13)

10. PROMISE without forgetting. ( Proverbs 13 : 12)

They are just kids!


It's been, mmmhm. Almost a month, not being able to share my inside story. My deep apology. I am extremely busy with my clinical posting - Paediatrics. 

Thank God, I managed to complete my Peads clinical posting . Thank you everyone, for your undying support and guidance. I couldn't have done it without you guys.

*Tutup buka mata, I've completed two areas of posting. Still left only one! Time flies fast, do they? Pheww.

1 month being in Peads setting ( to be exact, 15 days only. haha!) , taught me a lot . One thing that I'm really grateful is, I'm glad that I was born normal, I mean healthy in all aspects and grow up without any delay in my developmental milestones.

I'm not, seriously I am not looking down or having any negative views on these special children. 

It makes me think on how difficult it must be being the parents, with all the sacrifices done and stuffs.

Thank you mummy, thank you didie.! Still, it would be hard for both of you to raise me up kan? :)

Secondly, being patient. This is the  most essential part in dealing with them. Well, memang sudah nama dia budak-budak, macam-macam la gaya kan. Sabar ja lah! Hehe.

Thirdly, being creative. You need to be creative! Must be creative! On how you want to conduct the activity sessions so that they will not get bored easily.

Okay then, good night. :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

shoe all around!

Right shoe for the right occasion! so, this was what I've been up to, with Lin. ;)

the sticker given!

the psychological test that I took. so untrue.haha!

 Jimmy Choo's!
 haha! spotted my booth! ;)

 ada mcm Lady Gaga punya ka??? hoho

miniature shoes!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

miniature horses

I was having my case study presentation for orientation and mobility clinical placement earlier today .. ( felt more like VIVA because we were called to present one by one. hoho!) Thank God! Everything went well. Amen!  :)

So, roughly about my case study. A client diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa.Typically, the clinical presentations would be loss of night vision and peripheral vision (tunnel vision). Imagine, putting your fist with just a slight little hole in between the thumb and index finger, in front of your eye. That's what, a tunnel vision is.

So, my intervention plan was to introduce the o & m techniques that includes the use of white cane, for the client to be able to move around safely and independently.  Then, here comes the Q & A part. I was asked, what are other methods besides cane for the client to travel safely and independently.

Okay, honestly, I'm not quite sure what is/ are the method besides cane. 

But, I did heard this, before - The use of pet or animal as a guide. Dog or monkey, somewhere in Western country lah.But  contrary to our culture and religion here in Malaysia, dog is not the appropriate choice 'though.

Well, I guess no harm in trying to answer a question that I, myself not sure of the exact answer.

I think, I did actually answer it right.  Ho Ho. Hopefully la.

Because then, my lecturer told me about this pet called miniature horses. This is my first time hearing this miniature-horses word. I couldn't imagine what, exactly , it look like. Maybe, a horse with the size of a dog? Perhaps. (Don't blame me for my innocent thoughts, in fact, I'm innocent, kan? He He)

I couldn't help myself but to share this miniature horses, here in my inside-story once I found them on Google.

this is the miniature horse! comel isn't it ? I feel like wanna have one.  hoho.

see the size?? hoho. Kuda serama kan? hehe
I've read one testimonial about this horse. More of like his experience. Miniature horse is way better than dog; they lived longer, about 30-40 years like that...behave much better and a loyal companion..

Interesting, right? Ho Ho.

Maybe, other pet animal that suitable to be use as a guide here in Malaysia since we don't have this kind of horse.

Goat, cat?  Anything else?

He He. Have a nice day, guys! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just my view!

Scrolling down my news feed earlier today and read someone's status. I won't post the exact sentence lah but in short, it was about choosing between gf/bf over a movie. 

It was kinda interesting to read all the comments related to the status and I couldn't help myself joining in the so-called-discussion.So, I just reply - " dua2 pun xpyh la.haha."

Then, the person replied my comment like this - "kalau dpt bt begitu, ok dua2 ada kepentingan sama remaja." (not the exact sentence juga)

My pure intention was just -playing around. No hard feelings, seriously.

What funny is.. the first thing that came across my mind on that very moment - " hey, I survived without bf." then, I rethink again, with my age now, I'm no longer consider as remaja kan? Ha Ha Ha.

So, maybe it is really true what the person replied me..because that person is much younger than me.

Fine, I'll make an exception then. Mungkin juga umur-umur remaja macam dia itu, dua-dua penting,kan?
Meaning to say juga, the statement given by the person, memang tidak applicable lah untuk saya! Ha Ha.!

Bukan apalah, no offense actually. 

I wasn't going to blame, mengumpat or anything else about this matter. I mean the gf/bf matter.It's not that I have this hating-guy-syndrome with me. I'm just like the other normal person - dream of having a successful carrier, getting married and blah, blah, blah and happily ever after. Does that even exist in real life? I wish so.Amen. :)

But if I was going to choose, it'll depends on the situation. If I was watching a movie on laptop, TV, maybe I'll  make an exception. Who knows, if it's really an important matter kan. So, be specific next time pal! Ho Ho.

But, ( another but, here-Ho Ho) with my current status now, I'd go for movie then! He He.

So, I guess that's my tiny little view on this stuff.I am truly sorry if my little view here makes you guys annoyed or whatever lah. I didn't mean it. Maybe,someday when I am someone's gf again, I'll make rules that no movies allowed if I am calling, just even to say hello. Ha Ha Ha!

Take care & Have a nice day everyone! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank God it's Friday, tomorrow! :)

Yeay! another week of posting ended! Praise the Lord, Amen! :)

My weekend this time will be a little bit packed but I hope that I would  enjoy them to the fullest!

cupcakes, anyone?

smile! For it won't cost you a thing to show them!:)

I envy this hair! Would it be possible to keep my hair like this? I wonder!

T.G.I.F! have a nice day everyone! :)

 Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday Casey dear! Hope you have a blessed and blissful one! Love you  lots, xoxo!