Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Everything, checked! :)

Yeaah!!! Weehuu!! :)

I am in  a happy mode. Extremely happy. But still not considered to be euphoric la. Tahap kegembiraan masih pada tahap normal.

All the oncoming events that I've been listing down, every time I'm scribbling my inside story - I've passed them all. Thank God.

And I had just passed my thesis's viva. Not to mention, I was the last one. Initial schedule - I'm on morning session. Then, changed to second last. Lepas tu, changed again to the last one. 

Tiapa. Saya assume, saya kena last sebab alphabetical order. Ha Ha. Positive much ?

Honestly, I would rather be the first one. Sebab, habis awal lah nanti! You see, penantian itu satu penyeksaan. Ha Ha. Yeah. I suffered a bit in the midst of waiting for my turn. Hearing  stories of all my friends who had already been through the viva. Then, suddenly feel like (*(^&%^#%^*(. 

But then, never mind. Thank God, I've finished them. But this is not the end. Corrections still need to be done within this week. Jilid thesis lagi. Duh.

Few more days before back to home town. Yeah,a little bit of sad actually. ( Hujung-hujung baru rasa.hm). People has been asking what are my plans, asking me when I'm available and this week has been a little bit pack. Apart from doing correction for my thesis, I've got dinners to attend.

Earlier this semester, I was planning (kunun-lah)   on going skating. I wanted to try them since my first year but no chance. Last time, almost pergi. Actually, on the exact place already and my besties was going to belanja me. But seeing the crowds of people, change of plans.

I guess, I'll skate later when I'm back in KL. Ho Ho. 

So, what's next??

thanks tumblr! u have always been the best inspirational companion to me. haha!


  1. same situation..i aso just already finish my viva..huh..its time to make corection:)

  2. yeah. mari struggle membuat correction. hehe. all the best!:)

  3. viva test??...i took viva test in my previous semester.congrats to u dear..=)