Thursday, June 21, 2012

final year student's first dilemma.

One last exam paper for tomorrow - Orientation and Mobility.
Hopefully, everything will be fine which means, I'm able to answer all the questions. Ha Ha ! Regardless, whether I'm merambang or not.

One of the few things that I need to settle before this - books and stuff packaging , sent to Sabah - done!

Yeay! which means I still have few more boxes to be carried home with me . Few more boxes plus luggages. Never mind, that one later!

Oncoming events - KAGAPE mass, thesis viva.

Final year has almost come to its end and of course, ( I am 201 % sure) most topics that the final year students have been talking about is -  plan after study, work and something related to it.

And  that hot topic, includes me. I'm asking around and have been asked around what is my plan after this.

One thing for sure, all I want to do after this is, to get a good rest and holidays. bajet mo rehat2 lu kunu sebab panat suda belajar. yay. macam la dean list pun selama ini. haha!

I'm not sure, exactly,on how long I am going to have my holidays. I mean I didn't put certain fix dates that I want to do this and that. sandi eh.

Well, I soo hope that I am getting a job around Sabah. As for now, my interest of work is, to be in a clinical setting.  I've send resume  to all the centres that I've known in Sabah and so far only one has something positive to offer. But, I won't take that as something that I can hold on too. Don't want to put on so much hope for it.

And back here, in Peninsular - from what I've seen, more job opportunities for me. Duh. I did apply for a job here but that was just like kasi senang hati seja la. 

Now, I'm worried how my future would be. Few of my friends here has already gone and will be going to interview sessions. Some, got a job already! Fuh.

I don't even have a back up plan or any plan after this. Minus the holidays and a full time unpaid house-NOT-wife.

I just hope that, in the midst of having my holiday, I would have come out with some plans or maybe terbuka hati untuk kerja luar Sabah aka balik Peninsular. Amen.

But, my priority is to get a job back in Sabah lah! He He. Amen also.

 Even though I've reblogged that what happens on tumblr stays on tumblr, but this one is an exception. Ho Ho. Something funny and sweet like feeling seeing this image. couldn't help but to share them with you guys. :)

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