Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Blessed beyond measure!


I'm not lucky, you don't know how much I've prayed. 

Well, I second that. For what I am, and what I've been today, there will always be that inside story. 

Officially 28 and yes, my birthday spent well. 

Years before, I love the idea of  given something that I really want on my birthday - dress, airtime reload, mobile phone, cash money and etc. 

Now that I think of it (I need to, now as we have this birthday exchange gift) - I am clueless! I don't even have a wishlist. 

I guess, it's no longer about the material gift. I'm grateful and blessed beyond measure to be surrounded with good and genuine people - mainly my VIPs.

Presence, attention and time worth more than an Iphone. But, having presence + attention + time + Iphone at the same time - why not! Hehe

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Throwback Birthday

Hello 24th September!

When I was still a kid,birthday is something that I would always look forward to. Mainly because I get to eat cake and of course the birthday gift.

I don't really remember how I celebrated them all back then - but I'll try.

My first ever so called happening birthday party - when I was 12 years old. Why? Because, it was at Karamunsing's KFC (back then, KFC was only available in KK area).  Small part of KFC was closed for my party and we had games session before the cake cutting. I was so happy - mummy bought me a special attire for this, ordered a big Winnie The Pooh's cake and my friends gave me mostly Winnie The Pooh's gift. I still keep them with me.

My 13th birthday, I remembered getting a birthday wishes from almost everyone of my batch. Feeling over the moon although it was just a simple wish.

When I was 14, I wanted to stay awake till 12am. While waiting, I wanted to iron my school uniform. But, I was so damn sleepy. So,my dormmate offered to help me. Thanks,you!

On my 15th,16th and 17th birthday, Didie sent me a KFC meal along with a birthday card. I was deeply touched and ya, I cried while biting the chicken. Haha

18th birthday - BF on that time, sang me a birthday song. Sent it via Bluetooth a day before and asked me to only open it on the actual day. Haha

21st birthday - was in Genting Highland and had donuts as birthday cake. Thanks Geng Borneo UKM!

22nd birthday - was in Melaka for clinical posting. Birthday lunch treat from my fellow coursemate.

23rd birthday, my first ever surprised. Roommates aka coursemate surprised me with cupcakes.

24th on the 24th!

Enough with the throwback, I guess.

With each coming birthday, I felt the difference. I changed a lot.

But all in all, thank you Lord Jesus. I am grateful for your abundance blessing.

Happy 28th Birthday, dear self! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Letting Go

The hardest part is when you need to let go something so dear to you.

Over the years September had always given me the positive vibes. Still is. But halfway of this month, another unexpected loved one left us. I knew all along that you were fighting hard with your illnesses, that I have faith in you -  you would come back strong.

Indeed, God knows better. You're in good hands now.

Rest in peace, uncle.

The Climb

"Not my first climb,but first time jadi tukang urus"- that was the caption of a photo that I posted on FB few days ago.

Yes, I went for my second climb to Aki Nabalu. This time, with my loved ones plus two newly-become friends.

Comparing the latest climb to my first, I enjoyed the latter one. Why is that? First and foremost, the group that I'm with -  my dad, brother, cousin and of course I had my so called personal guide Incik Tunang.

Secondly, the weather. Thank you Lord! The weather was fine. I thought that it was going to rain but it's not.

Thirdly, in terms of fitness. I trained regularly compared to the first climb and yup, it helps. I'm quite proud of myself that I was able to ascend and descend within the expected time. As in, I managed to reach on time for the buffet dinner (my motivation. Haha!) and descend before 4pm the next day.

Did I reach the summit this time? Haha
Did I? Well, that's a secret. XOXO (I'm a gossip girl fan,still)

Another adventure list checked for this year. For now, I've achieved my goal - to experience the summit trail of pre and post earthquake. I felt like, twice is enough but who knows in the near future, aite?


Friday, September 8, 2017

It's September!

I'm not busy but it's just that inspirations don't come that often these days. Phew.

Earlier this month, I got a text saying that I'm entitled to a I-forgot-how-many-percent discount if I purchase any of Body Shop item.

And today, another text with almost the same content from Watson.

Well, hello September! My favourite and of course, my birthday month. 2016's September had been productive. It'll be the same for this year except it comes with lots of public holiday. Yeay!

Stay tune!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

It feels now

I was scrolling my tumblr through web just now (because the app is not working anymore. Sad!) and I saw what I posted years ago.

So me right now. Hehe.
This is exactly what I feel right now.

I am in need of a vacation. I just want to travel away from my typical routine even for a short while. Yogyakarta is the place that I have in mind for now. I just love the nature view there. But when to travel? I'm not sure .

Get paid for doing something I love has been my goal for the past 2 years but to no success yet. I love doing DIY and craft; hence I plan to turn my hobby into bussiness. I did make an effort, though!

I'm thankful to have circles of people that always support me. This is, I guess being around genuine people. I don't have many but I guess, it's the quality that counts.

Finding ways to love the same man over and over again may not be easy but I'll take that challenge.

#fingercrossed. Amen.

Friday, August 18, 2017


Ultimate desire.

For today gospel is among one of my favourite.

"So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together,let no one separate"

Matthew 19:6

Next year then, with God's willing. Amen