Friday, May 25, 2018

Yes or No ?

Earlier this week, I got a text from someone saying :

"Shallom sis. Bole tolong jadi pemazmur untuk anak saya kawin 2hb ni?"

Deep inside:

"Bole. Bole sangat. Bole jadi pemazmur".

Sadly, I didn't get to reply that. Instead :

"Nanti saya kasi confirm balik ar. X sure dapat cuti ka x.

The next day after asking my boss about it, and this was my response :

" Sorry anty. Saya tidak dapat jadi pemazmur. Saya tidak dapat cuti"


This may look like a simple situations in our daily life but being me, this is quite difficult. Why being me ? Because, it's hard for me to say NO. I don't want to turn them down.

Like Aunty B would say - slave of affection. Tidak mau kasi sakit hati orang lain.

Here in JMC, staffs need to apply leave 2 weeks prior to the date; except for emergency cases. But I did try asking my boss, just in case if I still can. Unfortunately, nope. Plus, I don't have that much leave left for my wedding.

With heavy heart, I need to say no. The after effect - I felt guilty.

I bet we all have been through situation that makes us feel torn or caught in between. But, in the end we need to decide what's best even though it may affect us.

Taken from my Tumblr acc. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

20 cent #3 - 14th General Election

5 years gone by and this year was my second time voting in Malaysia's general election, #GE14.

That 5 years ago #GE13, this politics stuff was not my main  concern. In short, I don't care. It has nothing to do with me. But still, I voted. Mainly because my father was one of the candidates running for the DUN seat; and of course,being a first-timer. Excited-lah konon.

Along that 5 years, I took no interest as well with my surroundings. I live life like the usual, merely complaining about stress at works, traffic jam that I need to go through everyday,  and how I wish to get away from my routine . When mostly  people complained about how GST's and the petrol price affect their life, I remained silent. Bukan juga anak urang kaya ba, tapi  I have what I need-lah. 

I get excited waiting for BR1M every year, except for this year - I don't get it and I don't know why. Deblang sedang diproses. Duh! Tiapa juga tu. X penting. Hihi.
I managed to renew my driving licence and passport without taking leave. Thanks to UTC.

Nearing to the end of this 5 years term, Malaysian has been voicing out the need for government change. Deep inside, I could feel that, #GE14 will set the change.

And this time, I am so keen to vote and fulfill my duty. Not because of the previous reason, but I felt like it's my rights and  I wanted a better future.

Blogging this today - 3 days post #GE14, it is truly a brand new Malaysia. New government. The people have spoken - among the famous line on social media now. This is indeed a great history - new government after 60 years and Tun M as the Prime Minister again.

Congratulations! Hope for a better change.

In Sabah itself, political drama arise and it has been going on for almost 3 days. I have never been so eager, constantly checking my FB and whatsapp for the latest info. Cuti juga kan.Haha!

Being me, I don't comment publicly on the politic's updates posted in FB.Sticking to this. Although I do have my personal opinion and would only share it with people that I trust.
Yalah, inda lah ba juga tiba-tiba mau becerita pasal politik sama orang yang x dikenali di bustop kan. Hehe

It is sad to see how some comments are rude, irrational and childish. Personally, this is what I called abusing the freedom of speech. Keyboard warrior gitu. Semua mau trip hero ba. 


I hope that Sabah get to settle this drama asap.

In the name of the Lord, Amen.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Throwback #3

Facebook memories always bring back the unexpected events happened years ago.

Another one today. 7 years ago.

I remembered feeling worried to the max. Feeling helpless. 

And all I can do on that time, pray and hope that everything will be fine.

Fast forward today, that someone has just double tap on my recent insta photo. Prayers answered back then. Thank you Lord!

Monday, March 5, 2018

What's next??

The other day, I was having my late lunch with mom and le bro. So, we were chit chatting over ngau chap ( eheheh yummy!) and of course wedding topic is a must.

So, le bro was asking me..
" apa la jadi lepas ko kawin??"

Didn't take long for me to answer him..
" saya x tau oh. X sure."

Mom didn't want to be left behind, was responding with..
" dia beranaklah"

Le bro was like, " ko pikir semua orang begitu ka? "

Mom was stunned for a while. Poor mom.

Recently, I saw  FB post from Dr Imelda Bachin. She's the O & G specialist. She shared her experience of a couple who was trying hard to conceive, tried every possible way as they have been wanting a child for so long and of course, the surrounding that has been so 'caring' by frequently asking - " bila nak dapat anak?"
Long story short, the couple did have a baby but the mother died shortly after the delivery due to complications.

Back to me. I  would like to have my own children someday; would be great then if I get pregnant after the wedding. Hehe.

But, that is something that I'm not sure of.

As for now, it feels like - I can just play dumb with the society's expectation. Hopefully when the time comes, I'll act the same.

So, two things here :

Firstly, being the society.  I believe it is within the Asian culture, asking these type of questions (if you know what I mean). Starting today, why not ask other question. Or, don't ask anything at all if you're clueless. Now that when I meet up with old friends, I tried not to come up with sensitive questions.

Secondly, being the person who's being asked. Not mentioning the married couple only, because I was asked "bila mo kawin"? back then. The same category of question. Let's try to ignore them and live life as happier as we can be.

Life's achievement is not measured by your marital status, how many children you have or how many property you own.

So, what's next ? I'll just follow the flow then!

Trust in the Lord. Amen

Thursday, March 1, 2018

March, March and March!

2 chapters over for 2018.  Way too fast, aite?

So.. what have we done, I mean specifically me for the past 2 months? And especially now, it's Lent season.

For wedding part, ya. Few important things were settled.

For myself, still a bit loss. Like,should I try job hunting again or readapt myself with the current situation. Or maybe should I go something out of my comfort zone. Phew. God, it is hard being an adult.

Last year, I was hoping and expecting that this 2018 would bring me something new. But, after my tiring interview last month - I somehow gave up.

But, worry not. March has just march in. So, let's just enjoy today and the rest of the month!

Have a blessed March people!

Monday, February 26, 2018

February excitement

Another productive month for me. Well, I guess it's going to be like that till the wedding. Eh, wedding ?? Oops. Hehe

Just like any other women, I'm excited to the max for the preparation.

Not mainly about wedding, I had other stuffs going on as well. Like going for a job interview, still with the exercise + healthy eating thingy and etc. Haha.

Now that I'm done with my marriage interview and pre wedding shoot, what's next ?

* I was Google - ing a wedding checklist and mostly it is based on a western culture. The closest I get is a malaysian Chinese checklist. Not bad. Buli la. Maybe I should do one - a dusun Catholic wedding checklist. Kann??*

Sneek peek of my prewed photoshoot yesterday. Hihi

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Positive vibes

Bye January. Sadly, I didn't get to blog much although a lot of things happened. Aigoo.

Well actually, starting off 2018 - January was actually quite a productive month.

I've enrolled myself in this Body Transformation Program for a month, should end by this 11th. But I decided to continue for another month. 


Because it brings out the positive vibes in me. 

So, I look forward to more for this February!