Thursday, July 19, 2018

Have you?

Have you?
I saw this on FB early this year. Saved it with the thought in mind that, I would blog it.

And here  I am, it's July already. Seems like I still procrastinate.


It's probably because how I was raised ( I think so), I'm not that type of person who will eagerly try new things especially when it's risky and prefer to be in my own nest - comfort zone.

So, when I saw this statement - it kind of spark a little bit of my curiosity + willingness to try out things that I've never think of before.

Apply for that job

I have on and off issue with my job. Still is now, but tone down a bit as I'm more focused on the wedding. Hehe. Although I really wanted a new job,  whether OT related or not -  I still can't get myself to really go and seek for it. I was like, "Ok,tiapa. Nantilah." I tend to complain but never really have the effort to change it.  Phew

So this year. I applied for the job that I wanted and have been waiting for quite some time. When I was asked, are you willing to be posted to places outside Sabah - I said yes!

Date that person

I didn't just date that person, I married him (civil) and in few weeks time for the church blessings. Hehe. That person as in someone that I have never imagined I would be with. Why?  Because he is the opposite of all the things that I would've always want in a guy.

I am indeed grateful to have known him and be part of him.

Buy that plane ticket

I would love to travel but my bank account doesn't allow me to. Haha. I guess, I was lucky enough this year that suddenly Anty B bought tickets to Kuching on Raya holidays. So, I get to save up for the trip. And yeah, the trip was great - we did things that scare us. 

Move to that city

Not really fond of this one. I've lived few years away from my loved ones and I hope that I would never got to do this again.


Well,there are more than these 4 things. For me, I still have a lot more that I'm scared of but I need to confront it somehow. We are not a tree, so let's move and be a better version of ourself. It will be worth it.

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