Sunday, May 18, 2014

Grown up issues #2

Almost all the things or stuffs happened in our life, we tend to complain. Even those tiny little things.
We complained a lot to, I mean expressing our dissatisfaction towards something mostly to our loved ones. Hehe. Right ?

Obviously, the reason of complaining to loved ones is mainly the attention. We want their attention on us. We want them to know what is happening around us.

I'm not sure if it applies to you, but it sure do to me. I complained because I want them to know my situation. At times, I complained because I need their opinion, thoughts or someone to back me up on that matter. But, all in all, I just want someone to listen to all of the complaints that I've made. Why loved ones? Because I trust you the most.

But then, listening to many complaints can be difficult too. Yes, I'm fully aware of that. Getting to hear too many complaints can make the listener fed up, bored or even mad. With you. In this case, it's me.Phew.

I'm not asking for much but the next time you ever hear me complain again, just please pretend that you're listening. That's all I'm asking for.

Complaining to loved ones is another way of releasing the stress inside - Yup, that's true. I'm just releasing the stress inside me. So please, don't get mad at me.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

incikk ♥

indeed. ;)

Happy, happy birthday incikk dearr ! 

Another year older today. Hehe. ~ tuaa suda. hoho~

selamat hari jadi incikk. semoga anda semakin gojess dan ensem. haha. 

For the third time, happy birthday dearr. May all your wishes come true and hope that you will have a blessed birthday this year. and of course, blasted! Hoho.

Shower him with your abundance blessings, Lord; that he may be given the best health, success in whatever he do, prayers of hope and prosperity. Amen.

Thanks God! and thanks to you incikk. For I am lucky enough to have someone like you that makes saying good bye so hard.

Love you to the moon and back. Hehe. ♥♥