Wednesday, May 7, 2014

incikk ♥

indeed. ;)

Happy, happy birthday incikk dearr ! 

Another year older today. Hehe. ~ tuaa suda. hoho~

selamat hari jadi incikk. semoga anda semakin gojess dan ensem. haha. 

For the third time, happy birthday dearr. May all your wishes come true and hope that you will have a blessed birthday this year. and of course, blasted! Hoho.

Shower him with your abundance blessings, Lord; that he may be given the best health, success in whatever he do, prayers of hope and prosperity. Amen.

Thanks God! and thanks to you incikk. For I am lucky enough to have someone like you that makes saying good bye so hard.

Love you to the moon and back. Hehe. ♥♥

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