Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Grown up issues #1

Phew, again. Blogging when April has almost come to its end. Busy? Ya, could be. A little bit. Well, grown up kan? Hehe

When I was a kid, I was so looking forward of being an adult. I remembered back then, when chatting on mIrC ( is that how it was spell? Fuh. I forgot already o), I lied about my age saying that I'm 19 instead of 12. Haha. mIrC was the 'in-thing' on that time. No one for sure want to chat with you, if you type in  12/F/ KK. Haha! (a/s/x ba. hehe)

Now, that 19 was way behind me already, I soo miss being one. I mean, not only 19, being kid or teenager to be exact.  On that time, I don't have to think a lot like I did now. Hmm.

Grown up issues #1 - Being with peers or colleague

Students world - You only got to mix and mingle with people that are around your age.
Working world - Mix and mingle with everybody . :)

I learnt a lot in being a newly grown up person. That, you cannot please everybody. 'Though you try hard to do your best and of course not disappointing others, still in the end- to fail attempt.

So, be grateful and just be yourself.

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