Saturday, March 31, 2012

shoe all around!

Right shoe for the right occasion! so, this was what I've been up to, with Lin. ;)

the sticker given!

the psychological test that I took. so untrue.haha!

 Jimmy Choo's!
 haha! spotted my booth! ;)

 ada mcm Lady Gaga punya ka??? hoho

miniature shoes!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

miniature horses

I was having my case study presentation for orientation and mobility clinical placement earlier today .. ( felt more like VIVA because we were called to present one by one. hoho!) Thank God! Everything went well. Amen!  :)

So, roughly about my case study. A client diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa.Typically, the clinical presentations would be loss of night vision and peripheral vision (tunnel vision). Imagine, putting your fist with just a slight little hole in between the thumb and index finger, in front of your eye. That's what, a tunnel vision is.

So, my intervention plan was to introduce the o & m techniques that includes the use of white cane, for the client to be able to move around safely and independently.  Then, here comes the Q & A part. I was asked, what are other methods besides cane for the client to travel safely and independently.

Okay, honestly, I'm not quite sure what is/ are the method besides cane. 

But, I did heard this, before - The use of pet or animal as a guide. Dog or monkey, somewhere in Western country lah.But  contrary to our culture and religion here in Malaysia, dog is not the appropriate choice 'though.

Well, I guess no harm in trying to answer a question that I, myself not sure of the exact answer.

I think, I did actually answer it right.  Ho Ho. Hopefully la.

Because then, my lecturer told me about this pet called miniature horses. This is my first time hearing this miniature-horses word. I couldn't imagine what, exactly , it look like. Maybe, a horse with the size of a dog? Perhaps. (Don't blame me for my innocent thoughts, in fact, I'm innocent, kan? He He)

I couldn't help myself but to share this miniature horses, here in my inside-story once I found them on Google.

this is the miniature horse! comel isn't it ? I feel like wanna have one.  hoho.

see the size?? hoho. Kuda serama kan? hehe
I've read one testimonial about this horse. More of like his experience. Miniature horse is way better than dog; they lived longer, about 30-40 years like that...behave much better and a loyal companion..

Interesting, right? Ho Ho.

Maybe, other pet animal that suitable to be use as a guide here in Malaysia since we don't have this kind of horse.

Goat, cat?  Anything else?

He He. Have a nice day, guys! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just my view!

Scrolling down my news feed earlier today and read someone's status. I won't post the exact sentence lah but in short, it was about choosing between gf/bf over a movie. 

It was kinda interesting to read all the comments related to the status and I couldn't help myself joining in the so-called-discussion.So, I just reply - " dua2 pun xpyh la.haha."

Then, the person replied my comment like this - "kalau dpt bt begitu, ok dua2 ada kepentingan sama remaja." (not the exact sentence juga)

My pure intention was just -playing around. No hard feelings, seriously.

What funny is.. the first thing that came across my mind on that very moment - " hey, I survived without bf." then, I rethink again, with my age now, I'm no longer consider as remaja kan? Ha Ha Ha.

So, maybe it is really true what the person replied me..because that person is much younger than me.

Fine, I'll make an exception then. Mungkin juga umur-umur remaja macam dia itu, dua-dua penting,kan?
Meaning to say juga, the statement given by the person, memang tidak applicable lah untuk saya! Ha Ha.!

Bukan apalah, no offense actually. 

I wasn't going to blame, mengumpat or anything else about this matter. I mean the gf/bf matter.It's not that I have this hating-guy-syndrome with me. I'm just like the other normal person - dream of having a successful carrier, getting married and blah, blah, blah and happily ever after. Does that even exist in real life? I wish so.Amen. :)

But if I was going to choose, it'll depends on the situation. If I was watching a movie on laptop, TV, maybe I'll  make an exception. Who knows, if it's really an important matter kan. So, be specific next time pal! Ho Ho.

But, ( another but, here-Ho Ho) with my current status now, I'd go for movie then! He He.

So, I guess that's my tiny little view on this stuff.I am truly sorry if my little view here makes you guys annoyed or whatever lah. I didn't mean it. Maybe,someday when I am someone's gf again, I'll make rules that no movies allowed if I am calling, just even to say hello. Ha Ha Ha!

Take care & Have a nice day everyone! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank God it's Friday, tomorrow! :)

Yeay! another week of posting ended! Praise the Lord, Amen! :)

My weekend this time will be a little bit packed but I hope that I would  enjoy them to the fullest!

cupcakes, anyone?

smile! For it won't cost you a thing to show them!:)

I envy this hair! Would it be possible to keep my hair like this? I wonder!

T.G.I.F! have a nice day everyone! :)

 Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday Casey dear! Hope you have a blessed and blissful one! Love you  lots, xoxo!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Pretty Sumandakz! ♥♥

happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to Biyuk & Aneys..
happy birthday to you! 

Oh, actually - Happy Belated Birthday Biyuk!
Sorry la, lambat masuk blog - bz kenen si kawan berposting. Hari ni baru ada masa sikit, sbb bisuk cuti. 
Ho Ho!

Aneys - Happy Birthday !

First of all, thank you Lord! 

Dear Lord, shower them with your abundant blessings on their special day.May they be given the best health, success in whatever they do, prayers of hope and prosperity. Amen.

I, myself - wish both of you guys a happy 2* birthday! (haha!).May all your wishes and dreams come true. I hope you have a blessed and blasted birthday this year. Love you both ! mmmmwaaahss*

Terima la gambar kek yang sedap lagi cantik macam saya ini (ko cantik, saya pun! hoho!)  sebagai tatapan mata dan hadiah birthday anda untuk tahun ini. Lain tahun, kalau saya kaya, saya kasi beli tiket  pergi balik dari Tuaran pigi rumah saya. Ha Ha!

Happy Birthday Biyuk & Aneys! Love you!

Clinical Posting - First Week.

Yeay! the first week of posting, over! Thank God everything turns out, quite well lah!

Just as I have mentioned before, I have another 3 posting session this final semester in different area. 

My first posting starts with Orientation & Mobility. The previous years, the students would go to Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) and the special school in Setapak.

But for this semester, it's a little bit different in which, the O & M posting will be in Optometry Low Vision  and in OT clinic - 2 days in Low Vision clinic and another 2 days in OT clinic.

So, the first day - directly hands on with the biVABA assessment in which me and my friends have forgotten all about how to do and stuff! So, apa lagi - hentam saja lah kan. Imagine la, one patient and 5 students handling him. Ha Ha Ha.! Damn funny.

But still, we need to look and behave as professionally as we can, right? (walaupun kami tidak tahu & lupa2 ingat suda itu barang! huhu!)

So, we pretended like we know la konon.. and done with the assessments la. Amazing, kan? 

Long story short, the assessment, I mean the result we got was totally wrong! Ha Ha! Because we administered them wrongly! 


To make it worse, we need to send a copy of the assessment summary to the Opto Clinic.  My partner and I was like , " What the h***??"

Moral of the story : Revise. Please make some revision before going for clinical posting. 

But, the mistakes was actually a good thing. Since we all administered them wrongly, the next day, we relearn, refresh everything about the assessment. So, if you asked me to do the assessment now, at least I have the confidence lah! Ha Ha. (nah kan, trip minta puji suda.hesh.)

And then, being the so-called-instructor for the 3rd year students in O & M techniques. I did revised this part (waahh-puji diri sendiri. haha!) but it's just that, I'm so afraid that I would teach them the wrong techniques. Hopefully not. :)

Looking forward to the following week then.!

Happy weekend everyone. Have a blessed one.

 doughnut ,anyone? :)