Tuesday, March 20, 2012

miniature horses

I was having my case study presentation for orientation and mobility clinical placement earlier today .. ( felt more like VIVA because we were called to present one by one. hoho!) Thank God! Everything went well. Amen!  :)

So, roughly about my case study. A client diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa.Typically, the clinical presentations would be loss of night vision and peripheral vision (tunnel vision). Imagine, putting your fist with just a slight little hole in between the thumb and index finger, in front of your eye. That's what, a tunnel vision is.

So, my intervention plan was to introduce the o & m techniques that includes the use of white cane, for the client to be able to move around safely and independently.  Then, here comes the Q & A part. I was asked, what are other methods besides cane for the client to travel safely and independently.

Okay, honestly, I'm not quite sure what is/ are the method besides cane. 

But, I did heard this, before - The use of pet or animal as a guide. Dog or monkey, somewhere in Western country lah.But  contrary to our culture and religion here in Malaysia, dog is not the appropriate choice 'though.

Well, I guess no harm in trying to answer a question that I, myself not sure of the exact answer.

I think, I did actually answer it right.  Ho Ho. Hopefully la.

Because then, my lecturer told me about this pet called miniature horses. This is my first time hearing this miniature-horses word. I couldn't imagine what, exactly , it look like. Maybe, a horse with the size of a dog? Perhaps. (Don't blame me for my innocent thoughts, in fact, I'm innocent, kan? He He)

I couldn't help myself but to share this miniature horses, here in my inside-story once I found them on Google.

this is the miniature horse! comel isn't it ? I feel like wanna have one.  hoho.

see the size?? hoho. Kuda serama kan? hehe
I've read one testimonial about this horse. More of like his experience. Miniature horse is way better than dog; they lived longer, about 30-40 years like that...behave much better and a loyal companion..

Interesting, right? Ho Ho.

Maybe, other pet animal that suitable to be use as a guide here in Malaysia since we don't have this kind of horse.

Goat, cat?  Anything else?

He He. Have a nice day, guys! :)

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