Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just my view!

Scrolling down my news feed earlier today and read someone's status. I won't post the exact sentence lah but in short, it was about choosing between gf/bf over a movie. 

It was kinda interesting to read all the comments related to the status and I couldn't help myself joining in the so-called-discussion.So, I just reply - " dua2 pun xpyh la.haha."

Then, the person replied my comment like this - "kalau dpt bt begitu, ok dua2 ada kepentingan sama remaja." (not the exact sentence juga)

My pure intention was just -playing around. No hard feelings, seriously.

What funny is.. the first thing that came across my mind on that very moment - " hey, I survived without bf." then, I rethink again, with my age now, I'm no longer consider as remaja kan? Ha Ha Ha.

So, maybe it is really true what the person replied me..because that person is much younger than me.

Fine, I'll make an exception then. Mungkin juga umur-umur remaja macam dia itu, dua-dua penting,kan?
Meaning to say juga, the statement given by the person, memang tidak applicable lah untuk saya! Ha Ha.!

Bukan apalah, no offense actually. 

I wasn't going to blame, mengumpat or anything else about this matter. I mean the gf/bf matter.It's not that I have this hating-guy-syndrome with me. I'm just like the other normal person - dream of having a successful carrier, getting married and blah, blah, blah and happily ever after. Does that even exist in real life? I wish so.Amen. :)

But if I was going to choose, it'll depends on the situation. If I was watching a movie on laptop, TV, maybe I'll  make an exception. Who knows, if it's really an important matter kan. So, be specific next time pal! Ho Ho.

But, ( another but, here-Ho Ho) with my current status now, I'd go for movie then! He He.

So, I guess that's my tiny little view on this stuff.I am truly sorry if my little view here makes you guys annoyed or whatever lah. I didn't mean it. Maybe,someday when I am someone's gf again, I'll make rules that no movies allowed if I am calling, just even to say hello. Ha Ha Ha!

Take care & Have a nice day everyone! :)


  1. ho3.... :) semuga dapat cari tanak wagu auntie :)

  2. haha.amen.:).palan2 ba angkol! enjoy2 dulu .hoho

  3. movies or not, I don't (can't) even text with my significant other(s). hoho.

  4. haha.klu ko mimang la ba jal.haha