Friday, March 2, 2012

Clinical Posting - First Week.

Yeay! the first week of posting, over! Thank God everything turns out, quite well lah!

Just as I have mentioned before, I have another 3 posting session this final semester in different area. 

My first posting starts with Orientation & Mobility. The previous years, the students would go to Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) and the special school in Setapak.

But for this semester, it's a little bit different in which, the O & M posting will be in Optometry Low Vision  and in OT clinic - 2 days in Low Vision clinic and another 2 days in OT clinic.

So, the first day - directly hands on with the biVABA assessment in which me and my friends have forgotten all about how to do and stuff! So, apa lagi - hentam saja lah kan. Imagine la, one patient and 5 students handling him. Ha Ha Ha.! Damn funny.

But still, we need to look and behave as professionally as we can, right? (walaupun kami tidak tahu & lupa2 ingat suda itu barang! huhu!)

So, we pretended like we know la konon.. and done with the assessments la. Amazing, kan? 

Long story short, the assessment, I mean the result we got was totally wrong! Ha Ha! Because we administered them wrongly! 


To make it worse, we need to send a copy of the assessment summary to the Opto Clinic.  My partner and I was like , " What the h***??"

Moral of the story : Revise. Please make some revision before going for clinical posting. 

But, the mistakes was actually a good thing. Since we all administered them wrongly, the next day, we relearn, refresh everything about the assessment. So, if you asked me to do the assessment now, at least I have the confidence lah! Ha Ha. (nah kan, trip minta puji suda.hesh.)

And then, being the so-called-instructor for the 3rd year students in O & M techniques. I did revised this part (waahh-puji diri sendiri. haha!) but it's just that, I'm so afraid that I would teach them the wrong techniques. Hopefully not. :)

Looking forward to the following week then.!

Happy weekend everyone. Have a blessed one.

 doughnut ,anyone? :)