Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Amazing 2013. :)

Last day of the year and I just feel the need to blog. Before the year end. Hihi.

2013 had been a great year as it is  actually the beginning of my career.

Well, of course la, it wasn't always all the good things happened, but still, I am indeed grateful. This is because, I did learn a  lot. When saying beginning of my career, it's not merely the beginning of being an OT, but the beginning of being a total grown up woman - relationships with your colleagues, students, friends, family ; spending and making time for your family and friends; dealing with conflicts and issues especially when it is related to works, and commitments. (I think there's a lot more to that, but for now that's all I have. Hee)

There's this saying that -  It's funny how someone who was just a stranger last year, can mean so much to you. It's terrible how someone who meant so much to you last year can be just a stranger now. It's amazing what a year can do to your life. 

Truly amazing what a year can do to you. I did experience this. Both of it actually. Hehe. Someone new that means so much to me and ya, a stranger now. Phew. But, I did hear this - Someone is leaving you because someone new is coming. So, thank you Lord. All are blessings . :)

On a different note, 2013 has been a, so unexpected year for me. This is because, I've done things that way out of my check list ( imaginary check list la. Haha). In other words, exploring or slowly getting out of my comfort zone and I like it! :)

Firstly, I have never thought of climbing mount Kinabalu. But, when my colleague asked me if I wanted to join her, I said yes. Haha. ( In mind, "bila lagi mo try") Thanked God. I'm a first timer and not fully prepared for the climb (in terms of exercise + fitness), I did get to the top, I mean, I reached the peak. Haha. Not bad ba kan for a first timer + jarang-jarang exercise punya orang. Haha. Again.

Secondly, since I'm still new in this career world, I have not think of going travelling. Ya la, financial not yet stable ( kunun) and I was like, one week ba tu. The boss may be a bit reluctant to just let you go for a week kan. Initially, yes. Memang reluctant. Hehe.Read this.

Being able to slowly getting out from my comfort zone, making me feel like - Yah, I should go for more adventures! Hehe. Hopefully.

Missed opportunities. - One of my down moments. But, I always remind myself that God has the best plans for me and everything happens for a reason. I may not know it now, but soon. Yeah. Soon.

All in all, 2013 has been amazing for me. I'm in a new world ( working), met many new people and became friends, and being able to fully know more about being me. Thank you 2013. Above all, Thank you Lord. Every little things happen this year are all your countless blessings for me.

Yes, 2014 for more adventures to come! :)
If last year, or last, last year, I said that I was quite blur with my new year's resolution - fear not, as for this coming 2014, I do have one. Not one, more than one actually. Haha. Hopefully, I would be able to make it work.

Being a better me - Ya, I would love to continue on doing that. Hehe.

Well, what's your plan for tonight ? Hehe. Anyway, Happy New Year in  advance ! Wishing you guys have a blessed 2014.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas. Hopefully, you guys did have a blessed and wonderful christmas with your loved ones. :)

*Still christmas ba kan? Hehe*

Well, christmas should be a happy time. I mean, of course it would be happy - new attire, meeting and catching up with long lost family members or friends, public holiday and above all, it's the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ. Kan ?

I was expecting that too. But, to fail attempt this year. Comparing last year's christmas, I like it waaaaay better than this year.

Tambah-tambah lagi, homili si paado - " Ini bukan krismas kalau kita tidak rasa gembira yang gembira betul-betul". So, it wasn't christmas for me, I guess. Hmm.

Why is that ?

Hmm. Where to start ?

I'm not sure what the heck happened to me this year, but I honestly didn't feel those christmas aura coming. Probably because I'm still working on a December month? Nahh, I guess not. Didn't follow carolling this year? Surely, not that one too. Pheww - no idea.

Then, hearing a not-so-good information ( buli la cakap information) - yang bikin emotional breakdown betul ni. Well, I'm still in that state but much better-lah. But, it do changes me a bit and someone noticed it. Huhu.

Next, some conflicts or issues. Mostly, it's my fault lah. I admit it. I just couldn't really commit myself on doing it and I could feel that they were kinda disappointed with my performance. What to do. Phew.

My blue christmas made me think a lot actually. Hopefully, I would be able to work on it.

Anyway, please don't be disrupted with my blue mood for christmas. It's always your own choice of how you want your christmas to be. Happy christmas -either you live it or leave it. This time, I choose to be blue and leave all those happy buttons that I should be wearing on this holy season.

On a different note, drive safe, k? Enjoy your christmas and ya, new year celebration maybe.? Haha. 
Take care. ;)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

on leave #2

Just like I've mentioned in my previous post, I have another on leave #2 coming. So, this is it! Another one week off from work. Hee. :)

Guess what, I went to Jakarta and Bandung - Indonesia! Second time travelling away from Malaysia. 

This trip was actually kinda very  last minute one, because at first I don't feel like going. But, my mummy insisted on me joining to accompany her. So, I said yes and what makes it even more greater - I am fully sponsored for the whole trip! Haha. 

The trip was for 6 days and 5 nights - 3 days in Bandung and the other 3 in Jakarta.

Well, a bit unfortunate I guess, because there's not much places that we visited for sight-seeing - most spent for shopping. Hmm. If one day, I'll have another opportunity to go there, I'd rather spend most of it visiting wonderful places instead of shopping. Haha.

Kawah Putih - nice view, kan? But, maximum time you can be here is only for 15 mins. This is because of the sulphur! Huhu

Tangkuban Perahu - sangaaat sejukk! The not so good things here was, too many salesman that made it difficult for you to enjoy the view. Huhu

 Bajai ride! Haha. Able to try this on my last day here.

So, there goes my another on leave #2. I still have a few more days annual leave but I guess that one burnt saja lah! Hehe.

 * Farewell November, Hello December. Cepatnya masa. Phew*

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

yummy desire

I am soo in the mood of eating right now. As if, I could eat happily without any concern of my body weight. Hehe.

Texted  Mr. Boyfie for my yummy desire - but, he responded 'Bha'. Hmm. Tiapa2. Understandable. Get well soon, dear. :)

 tingu gambar seja la kan? tapun. hehe

Sunday, October 27, 2013

on leave #1

Officially an employee early this year, so I'm entitled to a 19 days annual leave. Since I'm on probation for 3 months, that actually maintained my numbers of leave. Aite? Hoho.

I never did calculate how many leave I've taken nor how many left after the probation period. All I know is that I haven't been running out of them.

So, I've been told during the weekly meeting that I still have 15 + 1/2 days of leave. What?? Haha. I was like, "Betul ba??" and the others were like, "Punya siok ko masi banyak cuti". 

Thus, in order to make use of the leave, I've got myself a week off from work. Haha. One week, just like that? Haha. It's actually school break for the students except for the therapist and now, the other exception for me-lah!

So, one week holiday quite a long time, right? I've got all planned for the week. Konon. 

my to-do list yang x semua pun siap kena buat dlm masa 1 wik ni. phew!

So, today, officially ended sudahlah my on leave #1. Till then, another on leave #2. Soon, enough. Hehe.

Peonies + rose bouquet! So damn nice kan? hehe

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear October

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest"
Matthew 11:28

Time flies fast and it's almost, I mean coming to the end of 2013. Two months plus - plus, away from the end of this year.

Lots of things happen - it was the best one and yet, some of it were not. But still, it's a blessings for me. Thank you, Lord. I may not experience your presence just like others, who may seen you in a form of light or whatsoever, but I do know that You're always there for me. Thank you, Lord.

Yes - I've come to almost-the-end of this year and I admit that I begin to worry of certain matters. Since I still have that clown-attitude within me, I guess it helps covering those worries for a while.

Guide me o Lord, in what everything I do, I decide, I think and I say. Amen.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Blame it to the current weather now ( maybe), as I am suddenly feeling not-really- in-the mood.


Stop worrying so much. Worrying is using your imagination to create things you do not want.

My friend, once said that - when I was facing difficulties in doing my thesis. Thank God, all that went well.

Now, another round of being worried over something. Total two different situations and I am being totally lost.

What to do ? Huhu.

Have faith, Winn.Even you don't have all the answers.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

24 on the 24th! :)

Naaaah! Google pun kasi wish saya befday. Haha. Fames pula ini tau. Haha

As always, thank you Lord! - Another year in this world. Amen. I'm indeed grateful to every blessings showered upon me. 

Well, it's kinda special this year - as I turn 24 on the 24th of September. Hehe! But, deep down inside , I still feel like 19 - weeehuu! forever young ba kan? Haha

Thank you, thank you everyone! For your wonderful birthday wishes. I may not be able to thank you all personally but my prayers are for you - May the Good Lord bless you. :)

Being 24, really makes a difference.

Previous birthday, I have always wanted a gift on this special day. But, being 24, makes me feel that I no longer need that. All that matters is the people around you and the moments that you've shared together. Those simple birthday wishes from my loved ones and friends through SMS, facebook or face to face; the kids who sang birthday song earlier this afternoon - that actually meant a lot to me and as weird as I'm saying this now, they actually do touches my heart. :)

Make a wish and blow out your candle! * They said*

My last year's wish did come true. Thank you, Lord. It may not be permanent or stable, but thank you Lord. I love it. 

Plus, there's more to that. I did have another wish come true. Thanks, you. You know who you are. :)

As for this year, all I'm wishing for, is a better me. Well, that includes a lot of aspects-lah.! Hehe.

Anyway, thank you, thank you once again guys! Have a nice day! :)

Craving for this tadi.. and thanks mummy! Haha. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Being OT#4

Yup3. Life has been great - being OT. Hehe.

So, today's post is about another activities that I've done with the kids at school. ( Aww! enjoying my job to the fullest- penat bepikir la tapi. hehe)

Well, it's been a while since my messy play sessions involves the use of feet and of course quite a messy one. Haha! So, I'm not really sure where exactly did I get this idea, but anyway, thanks to Uncle Google - for letting me google-ing the things that I need help in. Hoho.

yellowish much?? Hehe
Well, if you still remember the other one. This is almost the same. A mixture of shaving foam and a yellow food coloring. Nice yellow, aite? Beginning to love the color after this activity. :)

The difference is, for this yellowish mixture - I added few types of beans and put on a peppermint flavour; more for the smell actually. These beans and peppermint smell is more for the sensory part.

Bunga raya artwork! They have always been my tikus makmal to try out my ideas. Haha!

For this activity, besides focusing on the messy + sensory part,  I also included the left and right concept. Well, I started with the right side first. All the hands and feet used are on the right side.

Firstly, they need to underline their right hand on the paper. Just to get the figure of the hand ( mo buat acuan la kunun.) Then, they dip their hand onto the yellowish mixture and stamp them on the hand-figures that they had already made. Voila!  Begitulah kejadian dia! Haha.

The other addition to this activity is the finger painting part. Writing their name using their finger. Amazing, isn't it? Hehe.

Next, was during my Classroom session with Egret. First time trying out the Wikki Stix. Ever heard of that?
Well, this is how it looks like. macam buli di makan seja kan? Hehe
Thanks to Nita for introducing us this new activity set. I'm still new to this set and still learning. So, my first trial with Egret - still with the same learning activity, that is left and right concept.

their artwork! Hehe
The concept is more or less like what I did during the messy play session. They need to underline their fingers just to get the figure. Starting with the right hand first. Then, using the wikki stix ( since it is sticky and easily-mould-to-follow-pattern/shape) , ask the kids to follow the fingers line to  make a hand figure.

Simple, easy and the best part is - cleaan! hehe. It looks kinda easy for us, but during the session, I noticed that some of the kids have difficulty following the line especially the curvy one. So, you see the wonders of this activity? Haha. Wonders la sangat. 

Anyway, I am still brain-storming on what other activities that I can do with the kids at school. Any more ideas you have in your mind? Drop by then.

Take care! :)

Monday, September 2, 2013


Favourite month of the year - September! Hehe. 

Well, to start off my September with - I have a training course; 1 week. Praying that I learnt a lot during this time and make use of the experience to the most. Hehe.

As always, I'm hoping that September would be nice to me.  :)

Thank you Lord. I may have my missed-opportunities moments but I know you have something more for me. It may not happen the way I expect it, but You are faithful Lord and it will happen according to Your timing. Amen.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Missed Opportunities

Raining - Flood -Billy stuck on the roof, asking for help.

Billy pray to God and asked to be saved. God heard his prayer and answered him - by sending someone over with a rope.

Billy refused to follow the man; instead, he  waited for God to save him. Again, he prayed to God for the same reason and  a boat came.

For the second time, he refuses the help offered by the man in the boat and insisted on waiting  for God to come. Billy prayed harder this time, asking for mercy from God. Then, a helicopter flew over on top of him.

Still, Billy refused to climb up the stair and insisted on God's coming to help him. In the end, Billy died .

Billy come up to Heaven and asked God - why didn't He saved him. God replied, " I've answered your prayer and sent the man, the boat and the helicopter to save you but you pushes them away."

Hopefully, you guys ever heard of this story - or maybe the other more or less like version. Hee.

Looking back into our own book of life, often we see this kind of situation; and to make it worse, we've only come to realize it when it's too late already. 

Instead of counting the blessings that we already have, we chase others.  Hence, we neglected all those little things that actually matters.God works in a mysterious ways and at the right time. We just need to look more. Amen. :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

30 before 30

CLEO - August edition. If you happen to be on the same page with me, surely you know what this 30 before 30 is all about. :)

Well, these are the 30 things that you should do before you hit the THREE-OH. Oh, not merely you - we, us; the one yang haven't reach 30. Haha.

So, I was kinda like " I need to do a review on this." - Haha. So-called review of my own. Haha. Again.

1. Learn a new language
Well, I did learn French while I was still in school; passed the exams and what do I have now? The only French that I remember and know are  - Bonjour, Comme ca va?, Je suis Malaisienne, Mon amie and of course Je t'aime. Hehe. So, this one checked la kan? I did this! Haha.

2. Learn a dance
No specific type of dance, aite? Then, I should consider poco-poco and jamilah dance as one of it la. Haha. Plus, these two dances have become our weekly activity at home. Work out I guess? Hehe.

3. Road trip
Road trip with work mate - yes! If that considered as one. with sumandaks? Hmm. If driving back and forth from Menggatal to Inanam during Vey's wedding  is a road trip, then, yes it is la! Haha. Oh, and one more driving from Tuaran to KM for Rai's engagement. Haha. Dear sumandaks, we should do this. Together-gether. Haha.

4. Volunteer
The best moment I had being a volunteer - International Power lifting Championship 2010 for the paralympics. Although, initially, I sooo don't want to be involved but once I became one, the experience was wonderful and amazing. Great memories!

5. Live in another country
I haven't try this one but I did live in another state for 4 years. Haha. And yes, I did learn new cultures, try new food, learn the language ( a bit !). Aside from that, I became greatly attached to home when it comes to semester break. 

6. Try an exotic food you can't pronounce
No- no I guess. Haha.

7. Host your first sit-down dinner party, the kind with LBDS and wine glasses.

Err. Not really my type though! Hee

8. Confront a fear

I don't quite remember but I think, I did. A few, I guess - trying those ride in Sunway Lagoon and towards cat. Haha.

9. See a stage show
I saw one in Istana Budaya. yeayy!

10. Apologise to someone you were mean in school
Not sure. Either I did it or not. Hee

11. Go a whole  weekend without your mobile phone and media
I've been dying to do this since Uni. I was planning to do this after I finished with my study ( want to be off the radar) but to failed attempt. Haha.

12. Learn to do your own taxes and how to manage your own money.

I did learn to manage my own money ( during my Uni years) and managed to survive until the end of the semester.

13. Donate blood


14. Go on a blind date.

 I never did this and no longer need this.

15. Skinny dip

No-No. Haha. Something not to be tried in Malaysia, I guess.

16. Buy something ridiculously expensive to signify all you've achieved so far.

So far, the most expensive things I bought is my handphone. But, it's not really my money - scholarship punya duit wo!. Haha

17. Learn to cook and perfect at least five different dishes.
Still learning. Hoho.

18. Party at a world-famous event.
Never been to any. Hoho. Anyone , wants to take me for this ?

19. Own a set of tools. This includes a cordless drill.
I don't own a set of cordless drill. But, I do own a small box of sewing kit. For the cross stitch purpose. Hehe.

20. Ditch the "you know" and "like" or whatever little vocal habit you've acquired.

On the way.

21. Get yourself a tailored dress or suit, or an awesome pair of  of well-fitting jeans.


22. Be the proud owner of a luggage set with bags for anything from overnighters to a two-week holiday.
Dreaming of to do so . Haha!

23. Live alone for at least a year to know how well you can survive on your own.
Does living in a hostel count?  Haha. 

24. Own a decent piece of furniture that wasn't handed down to you by a friend or relative.

Still - I don't own any of this piece yet.

25. Go on holiday with your siblings without your mum and dad.
Err.Not yet.

26. Be a regular at a cafe, a hair and nail saloon, and a mechanic.
Yes, done!

27. Backpack alone.
I'm not that adventurous and  courageous enough to do this. Perhaps, I can prepare myself first. Haha.

28. Have a photo album filled with actual photographs from your life.
Done! Come and take a look at my pinky photo album. Hoho

29. Find that one friend who always makes you laugh and will let you cry your eyes without passing judgement.
I do have this kind of friend! Hehe

30. Take a yoga class for at least three months.
Should I start now ? Haha.

Well, I've done mine. What about you? Looking forward to hear it from you guys then. Take care!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Being OT#3

It was raining quite heavy. I was kinda' a bit disappointed that I may need to change my plan for the Messy Play activity. But, thank God. The rain stopped and I'm still able to continue with my previous plan. Hehe.

So, today's activity (not exactly today-lah. Haha!) was printing or stamping using natural material - flowers.

See the outcome :

 Bunga raya artwork! Hehe. Quite artistic kan ? 

We have Self-Care activity every Monday and one of those Monday was teaching the kids on how to wash their hands properly. Hoho. So, in order to make the learning process interesting, I prepared  this :

Looks like something that can be eaten kan? more or less like ice cream or a whipped cream. Haha. And plus, the color is so damn nice.

This so-called-stain I've made is a mixture of a blue food coloring and shaving foam. This bluish foam is to be dab or smudge on the kid's hands. Then, they'll learn the steps of washing hands; as they need to clean this stain. Haha! But, unfortunately ( my bad-lah!) I picked the wrong mixture. This mixture - tidak buli hilang walaupun sudah cuci tangan berkali-kali. Haha. This would leave the kids disappointed la kan if they see their hands still dirty. Huhu. So,  moral of the story is, don't use food coloring for this type of activity. I would stick to my previous mixture then - ketchup + shaving foam. Hoho.

 Any more ideas for a fun activities? Please, do share them with me. Hehe.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

July edition

Well, life has been great and amazing. Thank you, Lord! :)

Dropping off some new updates on the activities. Ho-ho.

busy discussing .
Wakau's family gathering - July edition. I realize that, I mean recently ( few months- lah), jarang jarang suda ambil gambar sama-sama ba. Jadeyy, this time, I took one. Pretending that this was taken candid kunun. Haha. Actually, we were busy discussing about the activities, T-shirt sizes, names to put on the shirt.  What a lovely sight, kan? Hehehe. Buli tahan la. Semua pun pandai berlakon. Haha

 Thanks a lot for the lovely gift, Zal! :)
Meeting one of my besties today - Zal.  Orang baru balik dari UK. Jadey, dapat la ole-ole.. Hoho. Thank you Miss Zalia. Haha.

How's your July ? Keep me posted. ;)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thanks, dear!

Yes, indeed. God just don't simply put someone in your life by accident but with purpose.

Thanks, dear. You have been a great miracle for me. Love you lots! and I won't take you for granted. :)

2012 check list : Meet or find someone who will make me happy - Finally Checked!

I await for the 2014 check list then.

You're worth the wait dear. :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finally, my turn ♥

It's amazing how a person who was once just a stranger, suddenly mean the world to you.

Amazing, yet weird. For me though. Hee.

For once, you have never expected this person to be the world for you and now that he is - the feelings are indescribable.

Thank you Lord for opening my heart once again, for making me believe that there will always  be a second chance and above all your blessings.

Hearing someone saying the words and it excites you to the max and plus, feeling those butterflies in your stomach after years of not experiencing it - for sure he's the one. 

Thanks, you. ;)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Painting the wall pink!

Hello June! Wow. June already. Time flies fast, kan?

I have a lot of  To-Do-List   things to be done during this holiday. Yes, I'm still in a holiday mode. Haha.

One of them - doing make over to my room and guess what? Checked!

New look to the bedroom! How was it? Hehe
Since I love pink a lot, so I decided to paint the wall  pink. Yeah, it's not that obvious here in the picture, kan? Never mind. Hehe.

I got rid of my study table and replace it with the white rack there. It's actually a divider but I bought it just because of the white colour.  So, you see - more space in the middle. Buli la bergulik-gulik dengan gumbira lepas pulang kerja. Haha!

Nah! take a closer look to the so-called-rack. Hehe
Can you spot me in a pink dress? Haha.

Well, I really love the make over done to my room. Thanks to me, I've done a pretty good job! *Tepuk tangan untuk diri sendiri.Haha!* Buli suda jadi Eric Leong versi kampung kan? Hee.

Anyway, I need to get some rest for now. It took me a few days actually to really complete my make-over-room mission.

Take care! ;)

Friday, May 31, 2013

May updates!

Wow! Quite a moment, I mean more than that - for not being able to update this inside story. Well, May is quite a busy and hectic month yet wonderful, for me!

A lot of events happening and I may not able to tell all of them but pictures should be enough ba kan? Hehe.

To start off, May is a triple celebration for my mom- which is her Birthday, Teacher's Day and Mother's Day!

Weehuu! Triple the joy, right? Thank you Lord, for she is the best mummy on earth. I heart her to the max and Lord, shower her with your abundant blessings! Amen. :)

le mummy and I! 

This was what I've been up to with the kids in school. Sand Play activity! 

The concept was actually about construction of structures and see what they've come up with. Creative kan? Hehe

Sumandaks wedding! One of the 10 sumandaks finally getting married! This is the first wedding among us, besties and for sure we felt the excitement. Gosh! Hehe. Although, not all of us were here to witness the holy union, ( missing you both Zall and Neavi. huhu) still, it had been a great day for all of us. Walaupun penat and the next day, still had to go to work - looking like a zombie! haha.

Pre- wedding preparation. The bride was so busy with other stuffs that she  forgot about this door gift.. and  we were helping the bride packaging the door gifts in the car. Hoho!

Pretty Sumandaks! Haha

Today, the last day of the month - Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Do Kaamatan. Please, please don't drink and drive. Ingatlah orang tersayang. Hehe.

I'm in a holiday mode but still, I am busy cleaning up and doing make over to my so-called- new-house-after-renovation. Haha! Now, I'm still concentrating on my bedroom on how to make it as comfortable and cantik as I can. Almost there la. Haha. Just wait and see!

Well, I'm off to bed now. Kinda tired with all the cleaning done today. Till then, we meet again. Haha!

Friday, April 5, 2013

so in-lovee with home deco

Awww. Sorry . Lama tidak update blog. Hee. You see, I've been busy, been sick and the house is in a very messy condition. So, that actually affect my blog-writing. Konon! Haha!

Anyway, yess, just like I've mentioned, the house is in a very messy condition. Things are placed in its non-original location and everywhere!! Phew~

The house is actually under renovation - to repair all the broken ceilings and stuff. Plus, new look for the kitchen. I guess! Hee.

 this is totally not how the new kitchen look but I just love the green color on the wall! Should try this on the new kitchen la kan? Hehe

Since the house is like being rebuild again, I am soo damn excited about the arrangements, the interior designs, furniture, color paintings and stuffs. Being the only girl in the family gives me more opportunities for that. Mom and dad would always ask me for my ideas and bring me for all the shopping needed for the so-called-new-house.

From the tiles design, furniture design, color painting and the interior design - almost all based on my ideas. Haha! I'm not that creative enough, but thanks to Google. He had given me some brilliant ideas and pictures of how am I going to decorate my home sweet home.

 one more thing that I'm interested with - picture frame! the previous picture frames on the wall now is gambar2 lama. new house, new picture la kan.? Hehe. And I plan on arranging those frames as creative as this. Wish me luck then!

Well, any more creative ideas for my so-called-new home? Hehe. I love hearing it from you. Till then, take care!
 Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tips to be good looking

Being OT #2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to do the finger-painting-tree. I've done it! Yipeee!

 This is done by the Bunga Raya kids. Awesomely creative kan? Hehe.

My first trial with the Cempaka class wasn't that good enough; end up with color stains on my shirt. Plus, the session needed to be cut short because of the unexpected reason. Huhu.

But, hey! I made it on my second and third trial! Sangat-sangat cantik dan kreatif kan? Hehe. Tambah semangat jadi OT. *Ha-Ha!*

Monday, February 18, 2013

Being OT #1

Although I've just graduated, my brain containing OT knowledge is almost empty. At least, half empty maybe Haha. This is because, first : when someone talks or discuss with me about work related stuff, I was like blur. (Padahal, suda belajar pun tu benda) ; secondly, I still open my books ( buka buku, membaca). Phew!

Dealing with kids, I need to come up with a lot of activity, a fun one. This is for them to develop their social interaction skills, fine motor skills, attention and etc. If previously, these are the things that we rarely look into (just because we were surrounded  by normal kids), special kids may find it difficult to master them.

So, you see - the brain must not stop working to think of more fun and interesting activities for them. Fun and interesting but should also include academic stuffs.

I was google-ing a cut and paste activity for the classroom sessions. So, I found this one.

credits to christy william. this is her idea posted on google. haha!

Looks like interesting juga kan? Well, I plan to include this one then. Besides of training their fine motor skills, it also helps them to differentiate sizes/length.

this is finger painting! thanks google!
I found another one on google and I soo wanna try this with the kids. It only involves the use of own hand. Looks easy but then the colours being used, kids may have  tactile sensitivity problem with it. Some may not even  want to touch the colour but some are eating it already! Haha.

Well, I need to think and google some more. When will my creative brain will be activated ni? (kreatif la sangat. haha) Anyway, have a great day ahead.! Take care, people!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

To the YOU in 'I Love You'

Again, tumblr? Why everything need to be almost related to inside story? Haha
I found this on tumblr, and I was like - Astaga! Haha.

Sometimes, I wonder what's the reason behind this extreme stone-hearted. Is it because of the YOU in I Love You?

I really hope that it's not the YOU. Seriously, I'm sick and tired with the YOU thing.

Hopefully, this stone-hearted episode is going away soon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello February! How have you been? Oh, well. I should be asking this question to myself. Ha Ha.

My February, has been good. Getting used with the new people and surrounding from work place. Hehe.

I was reading a blog, a friend of mine. The blog hasn't been active for months and now that it suddenly got new post, I 100% sure wanna read it. You would do the same, kan? Hehe

I am stone-hearted. A very extreme one. For you who knows me outside this inside story, you would say my stone-hearted was far more than extreme. Huhu.

But, this new post on this blog- really like, hmm., how to say ya, melt the stone a bit? Haha. In short, I suddenly feel a tiny bit of emotion running through. Wow! *I salute your blog friend, for making me feel the emotion*

The emotion was more like envy and followed by, " Why not me?? " or " When is my turn?"

Hopefully, someday the time will come. Amen.

Part of the list

Monday, January 21, 2013


Image of how it looks exactly on the inside story? Phew*

I guess, you can't get everything you wanted at a time. Right? But, whatever it is- I am thankful and grateful for what everything you have given me God. Everything happens for a reason.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Joy with the kids!

Thanks God, I'm officially an occupational therapist now! Hehe. Although, still kinda hard for me to accept the fact. Haha

Being OT in a paediatric setting is so much fun. Awesomely fun ! Hehe. This past few weeks, despite of all the still- adapting-and -learning-process with those kids behaviour, I enjoyed watching them. Enjoying them to the fullest.

Despite their disabilities, I find them to be so adorable and cute. Hehe. 

We were having this physical activity session and the kids were playing passing ball with music. The music stop and the kids holding the ball need to dance. Got this one pair, with the 'Perhaps' song - they were so cute, dancing together. It's like they've planned it before but they didn't. Perhaps! Hehe

They really do bring joy to me. :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cheers 2013!

thanks dear tumblr!

I guess it's not too late for me to say, Happy New Year 2013! Weehuuu! :)

Cheers to 2013 and hopefully it will bring us more happiness, love and above all faith in God.

When, it comes to New Year, sure everyone is busy talking or setting up their new year's resolution. As for me, I don't really have one. Ha ha ! I just hope that this year brings good luck for me and of course another chance to get it right ( whatever it is then!). I'm hoping to fix and change myself to be  a better person , to be able to help and serve people (instead of myself) and making myself closer to God. Amen!

I've started working as an Occupational Therapist! Thanks God.! Bless me O Lord, so that I would be able to do the very best of my ability and gain experience as much as I can from this  great opportunity.

I've got so many plans and hope for this year. Hopefully it can be done. #fingers-crossed.

Till then, take care!