Friday, August 30, 2013

Missed Opportunities

Raining - Flood -Billy stuck on the roof, asking for help.

Billy pray to God and asked to be saved. God heard his prayer and answered him - by sending someone over with a rope.

Billy refused to follow the man; instead, he  waited for God to save him. Again, he prayed to God for the same reason and  a boat came.

For the second time, he refuses the help offered by the man in the boat and insisted on waiting  for God to come. Billy prayed harder this time, asking for mercy from God. Then, a helicopter flew over on top of him.

Still, Billy refused to climb up the stair and insisted on God's coming to help him. In the end, Billy died .

Billy come up to Heaven and asked God - why didn't He saved him. God replied, " I've answered your prayer and sent the man, the boat and the helicopter to save you but you pushes them away."

Hopefully, you guys ever heard of this story - or maybe the other more or less like version. Hee.

Looking back into our own book of life, often we see this kind of situation; and to make it worse, we've only come to realize it when it's too late already. 

Instead of counting the blessings that we already have, we chase others.  Hence, we neglected all those little things that actually matters.God works in a mysterious ways and at the right time. We just need to look more. Amen. :)