Thursday, August 8, 2013

Being OT#3

It was raining quite heavy. I was kinda' a bit disappointed that I may need to change my plan for the Messy Play activity. But, thank God. The rain stopped and I'm still able to continue with my previous plan. Hehe.

So, today's activity (not exactly today-lah. Haha!) was printing or stamping using natural material - flowers.

See the outcome :

 Bunga raya artwork! Hehe. Quite artistic kan ? 

We have Self-Care activity every Monday and one of those Monday was teaching the kids on how to wash their hands properly. Hoho. So, in order to make the learning process interesting, I prepared  this :

Looks like something that can be eaten kan? more or less like ice cream or a whipped cream. Haha. And plus, the color is so damn nice.

This so-called-stain I've made is a mixture of a blue food coloring and shaving foam. This bluish foam is to be dab or smudge on the kid's hands. Then, they'll learn the steps of washing hands; as they need to clean this stain. Haha! But, unfortunately ( my bad-lah!) I picked the wrong mixture. This mixture - tidak buli hilang walaupun sudah cuci tangan berkali-kali. Haha. This would leave the kids disappointed la kan if they see their hands still dirty. Huhu. So,  moral of the story is, don't use food coloring for this type of activity. I would stick to my previous mixture then - ketchup + shaving foam. Hoho.

 Any more ideas for a fun activities? Please, do share them with me. Hehe.

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