Sunday, July 28, 2013

July edition

Well, life has been great and amazing. Thank you, Lord! :)

Dropping off some new updates on the activities. Ho-ho.

busy discussing .
Wakau's family gathering - July edition. I realize that, I mean recently ( few months- lah), jarang jarang suda ambil gambar sama-sama ba. Jadeyy, this time, I took one. Pretending that this was taken candid kunun. Haha. Actually, we were busy discussing about the activities, T-shirt sizes, names to put on the shirt.  What a lovely sight, kan? Hehehe. Buli tahan la. Semua pun pandai berlakon. Haha

 Thanks a lot for the lovely gift, Zal! :)
Meeting one of my besties today - Zal.  Orang baru balik dari UK. Jadey, dapat la ole-ole.. Hoho. Thank you Miss Zalia. Haha.

How's your July ? Keep me posted. ;)

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