Friday, August 16, 2013

30 before 30

CLEO - August edition. If you happen to be on the same page with me, surely you know what this 30 before 30 is all about. :)

Well, these are the 30 things that you should do before you hit the THREE-OH. Oh, not merely you - we, us; the one yang haven't reach 30. Haha.

So, I was kinda like " I need to do a review on this." - Haha. So-called review of my own. Haha. Again.

1. Learn a new language
Well, I did learn French while I was still in school; passed the exams and what do I have now? The only French that I remember and know are  - Bonjour, Comme ca va?, Je suis Malaisienne, Mon amie and of course Je t'aime. Hehe. So, this one checked la kan? I did this! Haha.

2. Learn a dance
No specific type of dance, aite? Then, I should consider poco-poco and jamilah dance as one of it la. Haha. Plus, these two dances have become our weekly activity at home. Work out I guess? Hehe.

3. Road trip
Road trip with work mate - yes! If that considered as one. with sumandaks? Hmm. If driving back and forth from Menggatal to Inanam during Vey's wedding  is a road trip, then, yes it is la! Haha. Oh, and one more driving from Tuaran to KM for Rai's engagement. Haha. Dear sumandaks, we should do this. Together-gether. Haha.

4. Volunteer
The best moment I had being a volunteer - International Power lifting Championship 2010 for the paralympics. Although, initially, I sooo don't want to be involved but once I became one, the experience was wonderful and amazing. Great memories!

5. Live in another country
I haven't try this one but I did live in another state for 4 years. Haha. And yes, I did learn new cultures, try new food, learn the language ( a bit !). Aside from that, I became greatly attached to home when it comes to semester break. 

6. Try an exotic food you can't pronounce
No- no I guess. Haha.

7. Host your first sit-down dinner party, the kind with LBDS and wine glasses.

Err. Not really my type though! Hee

8. Confront a fear

I don't quite remember but I think, I did. A few, I guess - trying those ride in Sunway Lagoon and towards cat. Haha.

9. See a stage show
I saw one in Istana Budaya. yeayy!

10. Apologise to someone you were mean in school
Not sure. Either I did it or not. Hee

11. Go a whole  weekend without your mobile phone and media
I've been dying to do this since Uni. I was planning to do this after I finished with my study ( want to be off the radar) but to failed attempt. Haha.

12. Learn to do your own taxes and how to manage your own money.

I did learn to manage my own money ( during my Uni years) and managed to survive until the end of the semester.

13. Donate blood


14. Go on a blind date.

 I never did this and no longer need this.

15. Skinny dip

No-No. Haha. Something not to be tried in Malaysia, I guess.

16. Buy something ridiculously expensive to signify all you've achieved so far.

So far, the most expensive things I bought is my handphone. But, it's not really my money - scholarship punya duit wo!. Haha

17. Learn to cook and perfect at least five different dishes.
Still learning. Hoho.

18. Party at a world-famous event.
Never been to any. Hoho. Anyone , wants to take me for this ?

19. Own a set of tools. This includes a cordless drill.
I don't own a set of cordless drill. But, I do own a small box of sewing kit. For the cross stitch purpose. Hehe.

20. Ditch the "you know" and "like" or whatever little vocal habit you've acquired.

On the way.

21. Get yourself a tailored dress or suit, or an awesome pair of  of well-fitting jeans.


22. Be the proud owner of a luggage set with bags for anything from overnighters to a two-week holiday.
Dreaming of to do so . Haha!

23. Live alone for at least a year to know how well you can survive on your own.
Does living in a hostel count?  Haha. 

24. Own a decent piece of furniture that wasn't handed down to you by a friend or relative.

Still - I don't own any of this piece yet.

25. Go on holiday with your siblings without your mum and dad.
Err.Not yet.

26. Be a regular at a cafe, a hair and nail saloon, and a mechanic.
Yes, done!

27. Backpack alone.
I'm not that adventurous and  courageous enough to do this. Perhaps, I can prepare myself first. Haha.

28. Have a photo album filled with actual photographs from your life.
Done! Come and take a look at my pinky photo album. Hoho

29. Find that one friend who always makes you laugh and will let you cry your eyes without passing judgement.
I do have this kind of friend! Hehe

30. Take a yoga class for at least three months.
Should I start now ? Haha.

Well, I've done mine. What about you? Looking forward to hear it from you guys then. Take care!