Friday, April 5, 2013

so in-lovee with home deco

Awww. Sorry . Lama tidak update blog. Hee. You see, I've been busy, been sick and the house is in a very messy condition. So, that actually affect my blog-writing. Konon! Haha!

Anyway, yess, just like I've mentioned, the house is in a very messy condition. Things are placed in its non-original location and everywhere!! Phew~

The house is actually under renovation - to repair all the broken ceilings and stuff. Plus, new look for the kitchen. I guess! Hee.

 this is totally not how the new kitchen look but I just love the green color on the wall! Should try this on the new kitchen la kan? Hehe

Since the house is like being rebuild again, I am soo damn excited about the arrangements, the interior designs, furniture, color paintings and stuffs. Being the only girl in the family gives me more opportunities for that. Mom and dad would always ask me for my ideas and bring me for all the shopping needed for the so-called-new-house.

From the tiles design, furniture design, color painting and the interior design - almost all based on my ideas. Haha! I'm not that creative enough, but thanks to Google. He had given me some brilliant ideas and pictures of how am I going to decorate my home sweet home.

 one more thing that I'm interested with - picture frame! the previous picture frames on the wall now is gambar2 lama. new house, new picture la kan.? Hehe. And I plan on arranging those frames as creative as this. Wish me luck then!

Well, any more creative ideas for my so-called-new home? Hehe. I love hearing it from you. Till then, take care!
 Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. hehee... xtau creative ideas apa mau bg.. tp ni mgkn bkaitan.. we shared the same excitements.. ! muahaha... :ppp

  2. awww. thanks for the ideas. mmg siok ni npk design2. hehe