Friday, May 31, 2013

May updates!

Wow! Quite a moment, I mean more than that - for not being able to update this inside story. Well, May is quite a busy and hectic month yet wonderful, for me!

A lot of events happening and I may not able to tell all of them but pictures should be enough ba kan? Hehe.

To start off, May is a triple celebration for my mom- which is her Birthday, Teacher's Day and Mother's Day!

Weehuu! Triple the joy, right? Thank you Lord, for she is the best mummy on earth. I heart her to the max and Lord, shower her with your abundant blessings! Amen. :)

le mummy and I! 

This was what I've been up to with the kids in school. Sand Play activity! 

The concept was actually about construction of structures and see what they've come up with. Creative kan? Hehe

Sumandaks wedding! One of the 10 sumandaks finally getting married! This is the first wedding among us, besties and for sure we felt the excitement. Gosh! Hehe. Although, not all of us were here to witness the holy union, ( missing you both Zall and Neavi. huhu) still, it had been a great day for all of us. Walaupun penat and the next day, still had to go to work - looking like a zombie! haha.

Pre- wedding preparation. The bride was so busy with other stuffs that she  forgot about this door gift.. and  we were helping the bride packaging the door gifts in the car. Hoho!

Pretty Sumandaks! Haha

Today, the last day of the month - Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Do Kaamatan. Please, please don't drink and drive. Ingatlah orang tersayang. Hehe.

I'm in a holiday mode but still, I am busy cleaning up and doing make over to my so-called- new-house-after-renovation. Haha! Now, I'm still concentrating on my bedroom on how to make it as comfortable and cantik as I can. Almost there la. Haha. Just wait and see!

Well, I'm off to bed now. Kinda tired with all the cleaning done today. Till then, we meet again. Haha!

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