Monday, June 3, 2013

Painting the wall pink!

Hello June! Wow. June already. Time flies fast, kan?

I have a lot of  To-Do-List   things to be done during this holiday. Yes, I'm still in a holiday mode. Haha.

One of them - doing make over to my room and guess what? Checked!

New look to the bedroom! How was it? Hehe
Since I love pink a lot, so I decided to paint the wall  pink. Yeah, it's not that obvious here in the picture, kan? Never mind. Hehe.

I got rid of my study table and replace it with the white rack there. It's actually a divider but I bought it just because of the white colour.  So, you see - more space in the middle. Buli la bergulik-gulik dengan gumbira lepas pulang kerja. Haha!

Nah! take a closer look to the so-called-rack. Hehe
Can you spot me in a pink dress? Haha.

Well, I really love the make over done to my room. Thanks to me, I've done a pretty good job! *Tepuk tangan untuk diri sendiri.Haha!* Buli suda jadi Eric Leong versi kampung kan? Hee.

Anyway, I need to get some rest for now. It took me a few days actually to really complete my make-over-room mission.

Take care! ;)

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