Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello February! How have you been? Oh, well. I should be asking this question to myself. Ha Ha.

My February, has been good. Getting used with the new people and surrounding from work place. Hehe.

I was reading a blog, a friend of mine. The blog hasn't been active for months and now that it suddenly got new post, I 100% sure wanna read it. You would do the same, kan? Hehe

I am stone-hearted. A very extreme one. For you who knows me outside this inside story, you would say my stone-hearted was far more than extreme. Huhu.

But, this new post on this blog- really like, hmm., how to say ya, melt the stone a bit? Haha. In short, I suddenly feel a tiny bit of emotion running through. Wow! *I salute your blog friend, for making me feel the emotion*

The emotion was more like envy and followed by, " Why not me?? " or " When is my turn?"

Hopefully, someday the time will come. Amen.

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  1. wahh!!dewasa suda c winn, kalaja suda..dmana ko keja winn??

  2. haha. dewasa is a much better term compared to tua kan mel? actually, mmg terasa tua la skit. hahahahhaa. cepatnya masa berlalu. kerja besa2 ja ni mel. tp thank God, yg sy study la jg. sana seri mengasih tanjung aru. dtg la melawat2 klu free. hehe.

  3. wahhh!!dekat sja tu sm rumah sa..nant kalo kmu ada event sana, ko panggil2 la..hehe!sa bwk yg len jd volunteer!hehehe!!