Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Amazing 2013. :)

Last day of the year and I just feel the need to blog. Before the year end. Hihi.

2013 had been a great year as it is  actually the beginning of my career.

Well, of course la, it wasn't always all the good things happened, but still, I am indeed grateful. This is because, I did learn a  lot. When saying beginning of my career, it's not merely the beginning of being an OT, but the beginning of being a total grown up woman - relationships with your colleagues, students, friends, family ; spending and making time for your family and friends; dealing with conflicts and issues especially when it is related to works, and commitments. (I think there's a lot more to that, but for now that's all I have. Hee)

There's this saying that -  It's funny how someone who was just a stranger last year, can mean so much to you. It's terrible how someone who meant so much to you last year can be just a stranger now. It's amazing what a year can do to your life. 

Truly amazing what a year can do to you. I did experience this. Both of it actually. Hehe. Someone new that means so much to me and ya, a stranger now. Phew. But, I did hear this - Someone is leaving you because someone new is coming. So, thank you Lord. All are blessings . :)

On a different note, 2013 has been a, so unexpected year for me. This is because, I've done things that way out of my check list ( imaginary check list la. Haha). In other words, exploring or slowly getting out of my comfort zone and I like it! :)

Firstly, I have never thought of climbing mount Kinabalu. But, when my colleague asked me if I wanted to join her, I said yes. Haha. ( In mind, "bila lagi mo try") Thanked God. I'm a first timer and not fully prepared for the climb (in terms of exercise + fitness), I did get to the top, I mean, I reached the peak. Haha. Not bad ba kan for a first timer + jarang-jarang exercise punya orang. Haha. Again.

Secondly, since I'm still new in this career world, I have not think of going travelling. Ya la, financial not yet stable ( kunun) and I was like, one week ba tu. The boss may be a bit reluctant to just let you go for a week kan. Initially, yes. Memang reluctant. Hehe.Read this.

Being able to slowly getting out from my comfort zone, making me feel like - Yah, I should go for more adventures! Hehe. Hopefully.

Missed opportunities. - One of my down moments. But, I always remind myself that God has the best plans for me and everything happens for a reason. I may not know it now, but soon. Yeah. Soon.

All in all, 2013 has been amazing for me. I'm in a new world ( working), met many new people and became friends, and being able to fully know more about being me. Thank you 2013. Above all, Thank you Lord. Every little things happen this year are all your countless blessings for me.

Yes, 2014 for more adventures to come! :)
If last year, or last, last year, I said that I was quite blur with my new year's resolution - fear not, as for this coming 2014, I do have one. Not one, more than one actually. Haha. Hopefully, I would be able to make it work.

Being a better me - Ya, I would love to continue on doing that. Hehe.

Well, what's your plan for tonight ? Hehe. Anyway, Happy New Year in  advance ! Wishing you guys have a blessed 2014.


  1. hii dear!

    i am sorry,its been long i didn't come here. i've busy with my job and study. how r u? i am looking forwards to read your first entry for this new year. thanks for visiting me. May god bless u! stay young and cute there!=)

  2. Hii dear!

    No worries. Understandable ba itu. :) I've been busy too. I'm good. Hehe. Ya. Haven't got the idea and time for my first entry. Kunun. Hehe. Thanks. May God bless you too and take care there!