Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas. Hopefully, you guys did have a blessed and wonderful christmas with your loved ones. :)

*Still christmas ba kan? Hehe*

Well, christmas should be a happy time. I mean, of course it would be happy - new attire, meeting and catching up with long lost family members or friends, public holiday and above all, it's the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ. Kan ?

I was expecting that too. But, to fail attempt this year. Comparing last year's christmas, I like it waaaaay better than this year.

Tambah-tambah lagi, homili si paado - " Ini bukan krismas kalau kita tidak rasa gembira yang gembira betul-betul". So, it wasn't christmas for me, I guess. Hmm.

Why is that ?

Hmm. Where to start ?

I'm not sure what the heck happened to me this year, but I honestly didn't feel those christmas aura coming. Probably because I'm still working on a December month? Nahh, I guess not. Didn't follow carolling this year? Surely, not that one too. Pheww - no idea.

Then, hearing a not-so-good information ( buli la cakap information) - yang bikin emotional breakdown betul ni. Well, I'm still in that state but much better-lah. But, it do changes me a bit and someone noticed it. Huhu.

Next, some conflicts or issues. Mostly, it's my fault lah. I admit it. I just couldn't really commit myself on doing it and I could feel that they were kinda disappointed with my performance. What to do. Phew.

My blue christmas made me think a lot actually. Hopefully, I would be able to work on it.

Anyway, please don't be disrupted with my blue mood for christmas. It's always your own choice of how you want your christmas to be. Happy christmas -either you live it or leave it. This time, I choose to be blue and leave all those happy buttons that I should be wearing on this holy season.

On a different note, drive safe, k? Enjoy your christmas and ya, new year celebration maybe.? Haha. 
Take care. ;)


  1. Ah jan sodih2 bah auntie :)
    All things gonna pass and everything will be good :)
    God bless you :)
    And merry christmas :)

  2. Yup3. hopefully la angkol. hehe. God bless u too. Merry christmas juga :)