Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Year, Another Wonder!

Adding another year to my age today and guess what - Another year, Another wonder! Weehuu.! :)

Thank you, Lord! Up until now, I am still breathing. Amen.

My loved ones, who have always been there for me from the day that I was born.

Besties ~ pretty Sumandaks! Glad to have amazing sisters like you guys.

Friends, wherever you are - thanksssss a lot!

I am grateful indeed for all your wonderful and lovely wishes on my birthday. I am wishing the same for you guys too. I know, words are not enough to describe how thankful I am, but once again, thank you guys. 

My world would never be the same without you all. Thank you! :)

Thank you guys! :)

Well, looking back on my last year birthday's post - my wish did come true. Thank you, Lord. I'm able to finish my study in time.

( Please ignore those other three wishes. Itu adalah wishes orang yang sedang perasan. Ha Ha.)

As for this year - I wish, I wish with all my heart to get a permanent and stable job; something related to OT. 
Amen. Hehe.

Since I've mentioned that I'm always looking forward on how does it look on my birthday - Well, nothing interesting today. Ha Ha.

 Happy Birthday Winnie! Haha. :)

Others who share the same birthday with me, happy birthday guys! Wishing you all the best in life. :)

Till then, take care. :)

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