Saturday, September 24, 2011

my cupcake birthday! ;)

current mode : just finished lifting, carrying, and moving heavy books and stuffs. damn tired!~

surprise birthday cupcake! thanx to roomies - lin and aa.;)

As I've mentioned before, I'm extremely tired as I have just finished lifting, carrying and moving my things and stuffs to the new house. The distance - faaaaarrrr. 

I opened my locker once I finished taking bath, and see what I found inside?? those cute little cupcakes! OMG... sooooooooo cute. My roomies surprised me with the cupcakes...  I felt like crying.. terharu la knun.. but anyway, thanx a lot my dear roomies! 

This two weeks had been the busiest days of my life. I still remember that it is my birthday this 24th Sept but with all the things happened, I kinda  feel nothing, as if the day is like any other usual day.

I admit, I've been looking forward to this day.. since august! and now that the day is a few hours ago, I still feel nothing. huhu. pity me.

First and foremost, thank you Dear Lord, for You have given me another chance to live in this world, for all the family and friends around me and above all, your blessings . Thank You Lord!

Secondly, thanks Mummy! thanks Didie!.. I am a Cesarean baby, so you see how difficult it is for my mummy to have given birth to me. I was born two weeks earlier than the due expected and once I was born, I'm only 2.2 kg, even my nail hasn't grow yet! and look at my size now, no one would ever thought that I was just a small little baby before this.hoho! Didie, who try to fulfill every wishes that I had especially that I am the only girl in the family. Once again, thanks mummy and didie! I love you both! mmmwaaaahs*

Next, my so-called- bodyguards at home, abang, ronn & adik! hoho! thanks guys! you rock my world. special thanks then to my  big bro, for the advance birthday gift - a colorful Swatch! :)

My Sumandakz! thank you pretty sumandakz! sooo sorry that I won't be able to hang out with you guys on my birthday, still got unsettled things here. huhu. 

My roomies , of course- for the surprises. hehe. .

Friends from far and near, whom I cant mentioned all here, thank you all. For all the wishes and supports you have given . I appreciate them all. May God shower you guys with abundant blessings! Amen.:)

Birthday wishes for this year ; a boyfriend, a slimmer body, a fairer skin. 

hahahahahhahaha! funny wishes kan..??? OMG winnifred. Jgn la perasan sgt. hahahahaha/

Anyway, for this year, I just wish that I would be able to do the very best of my ability for my final year study . but then, if all the other 3 wishes are granted, apa salahnya. hohoo. :)

Happy Birthday to me! :)


  1. have a very merry blessed birthday! :D

  2. haha. blasted with birthday cakes i supposed. after years of birthday without cakes, this year, triple birthday cakes. hoho.