Friday, September 16, 2011

A 'Nomad' Life

Nomad is in Malay term. I'm not quite sure what is the term in english though. Never mind. 

Nomad - check your history classes way back when you were or maybe still in secondary school. Sure you guys have heard of this term. But then, just in case you haven't heard of this nomad term, let me  explain it briefly for you.

 Nomad - kehidupan berpindah randah. English translation - fikir sendiri la! haha.

It's been a week now , here in KL since my arriving from Sabah last weekend. * still homesick*

For this semester, mostly, me and my course mates were given the outside residential college. But , some of us got the NOT SO GOOD one.! huhu. :(

Upon arriving at the room, looks soooo old, dusty. The only best thing is that, our room got our own bathroom / toilet. but then, NO WATER! and the toilet looks so damn creepy. I bet we can make a haunted / horror toilet movie in it. astaga. !

Me and my room mate went exploring the whole house Got another bathroom. Oh damn! looks dirty and creepy too. Water resources, ada. TAPI, so little that I'm not even sure if it is enough for the whole house.  
( Our house got 7 person - so, imagine, sharing one bathroom with soo little water. huhu)

Sorry to say this. and I don't care what ever thoughts you have of me. Although at the age of almost 22           ( hehe) , I cried seeing the condition of the room. Not to say that I'm manja , but then, the room looks so frustrating. huhu. :(

Glad that me  and my roomies tu memang satu kepala, starting from that first night, we decided to go and stay at our other friend's house - Plaza RAH, which is faaaaaarrrr beyond comfortable than this one. 

Then, this is the starting of our nomad life. Everyday like that. 

 Hopefully the rayuan result will come out asap. Praying for it. Amen.

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