Monday, September 5, 2011

Farewell Sabah , I'll be missing you!

I am sad! huhu.
Today is Monday, 5th of Sept 2011. This is the final week I've got here in Sabah. : (

Uwaaaa!! I don't want this holiday to end. I don't want to go back yet.

This semester's was the longest holiday I've ever had. From May to Sept -  around 4 to 5 months la! Minus one month for the Industrial Training and still left, sooooo many months (hehe!) to be in holidays mood, aite?!

And since I only have my part time during the weekends, and the weekdays spent at dearest home sweet home.. oh., splendid! hoho! best hols ever. ! haha.

I can't deny that there were times that I'm  feeling bored to death . Doing the same routines almost everyday - wake up, laundry , sweeping, cleaning the house, cooking n bla bla bla.. hoho! Never mind, I take that as an additional classes to polish my skills for a future housewife post. haha! (a total euw kan? hoho)

Although I've been mentally ( I think ) and physically prepared for my going back to KL trip - which I've started packing some of my clothes a few weeks ago and now started searching and washing for other stuffs that I need to bring, but my dearly little heart hasn't prepared for it yet. : (

I wish I could stay home a little bit longer. And since some of my friends has finished their study and will be graduating soon, it feels much worser. I now wish that I've finished my study and then, can sit goyang kaki at home while waiting for the convocation day.  huh! 

What makes it  funnier  is, I even pictured myself  (in a new transformation) with a slimmer body and a shorter hair. The image that I would display once I got a job. ( kunun. astaga!)

Oh no! Time do flies fast. I can't believe that I'm going back to campus again. It's not that I don't miss what I have there, but I've grew attachment staying here, at home, Sabah. huhu. :(

Since I'll be entering my final year this coming semester, this is another thing that makes me feel uneasy, nervous and butterfly in the stomach ? hoho ( sorry, I don't really quite remember idioms these days like I did when  I was in school days! )

I'm afraid that I won't be able to handle the stresses from the thesis, clinical posting, case study, presentation and maybe etc. Who knows? I just have this thought that, final year would be a very tiring, stressful and busiest time I will ever had. In short, it looks ugly for me. ;(

I'm not quite sure for myself if I'm able to handle all the upcoming circumstances later on. But, anyhow I just hope and prat that everything will go fine and a success! * Amen*

Heart is still in a holiday mood. ;(

*Dear Lord, shower me with your blessings that I may have my safe journey back to my campus. I pray that I'll be given the strength, courage and motivation to face my final year and to be able to do the very best of my ability. Amen *

Farewell then Sabah, I'm 201 % sure I'll be missing you. See you again next year. !

cheers. XOXO (^_~)


  1. Welcome to final year Winn... nda lama lagi tu.. hehee.. all da bez :)

  2. sabar aa dear..xlama lg punsdih mau kc tgal sabah oo..but pa blh year kita mesti bsmgat!hehe..

  3. ya.. tu la.. bertahan seja ni... yup2.. let's do our best for the final year.. chaiyo2! heee.;)