Friday, September 30, 2011

gifts within a week.! ♥♥

my 22nd birthday gifts !

It's been a week since my 22nd birthday. and look what I've got! card, teddy bears, little bag, hand phone casing, cakes!

pinky hand phone casing, winnie the pooh little bag and the little cutie bear (which lin thought was a kambing. hoho!) was sent by my mom through courier and I just received them today. Love them! thanks Mummy! XOXO!

birthday card from my coursemates! OT/4 you guys rocks!!!

the pinky bear, thank you maz!

this was the most wonderful birthday ever! thanks a lot guys. love ya!

gifts fr my thesis supervisor.tq dr!:)

got so many gifts within a week. wow! hehe. guess that luck is really on my side this week.XOXO.

*been through a week of posting in HKL doing neurology. hopefully next week will be able to get a case study. amen*


  1. winnie the pooh! glad u had a blast for ur birthday :D good luck with ur case study :)