Saturday, October 8, 2011

posting lagi! ;)

Hullo peeps!

* jam menunjukkan few minutes after 12 already and here I am, still wide awake. ( sbb td ptg sda tidur! hoho)

It's been about 2 weeks - la, I think, haven't scribbling into this inside story of mine. *my apology, guys*

Currently, I'm doing my clinical posting. Once again, in HKL. I guess, I was fated to be with HKL. hoho!For this time, I'll be doing neurology, medical and geriatric areas. So, overall, it would take about 11 weeks with 3-4 weeks for each area.

First four weeks, I'm doing my clinical placement on neurology area, 2 weeks in patient and the other 2 weeks out patient.

Overall I conclude, for this 2 weeks neuro in patient, I learnt a lot. ( except for the splinting part - still lacking the skills).

Neurology is something related to our  nerves and nervous system, either the brain or spinal cord. So, mostly, during this 2 weeks, I've seen so many cases with traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain or spinal cord tumor and disease related with nerves. Awesome experience! ;)

I'm sure all of you knows that this nerves and nervous system is the plays important role (role? hoho) in our body especially the brain, who controls everything. So, you see, your head aka your brain is the most precious asset in your body. :)

It's kinda heart throbbing seeing all the patients who were previously soo healthy, suddenly lying vegetative on the bed.. some were unconscious with all the wires attached to their body. :(

Just to share some tips here , just in case you have your family members or friends who has been through this kinda situation, especially yang unconscious ( sorry, bukan mo minta2 this things happens to our loved ones, but always be prepared -lah!).

Let's just say, it's a he. Just because, he is unconscious, doesn't mean that he can't feel or hear his surroundings. Family members or friends should always give stimulation to him. For example like, talk to him. Tell him where is he now, what the day is it now. In short, orientate him. Share with him everything, how's your day has been or maybe moments that you've shared together.

Let him listen to his favourite songs ( but not for too long la, nti tmbh confuse orang.hihi) or maybe let him sniff his perfume or something that he's used too.

Besides that, moves his limbs. This will also stimulate him and of course to prevent these limbs from becoming stiff that will lead to contracture. Translation - kasi exercise la tangan2 n kaki2 dia, kc guyang2 spy x karas.

Got this one patient.  Early symptoms, fatigue, dizziness - something like that lah. Found out that actually, he was diagnosed with meningitis.Seeing his condition now, I just couldn't believe that he used to be such a healthy person. 

Then, it strikes me right  in the heart. We, the allied health team, always deal with so many types of patient. So, the risk of being infected is also high. (For the patient, I don't know what is the underlying causes). Suddenly, I felt so nervous now that I'm having this mucus in my nose.I have this silly thoughts running on my mind. (shhhhuuuhh, palis2.) 

Dear colleagues, be extra careful while dealing and handling patients. Wear gloves, mask or apron if you need to and the most important one is, don't forget to WASH YOUR HANDS!

Mr Brain : Take a good care of me! :)

So friends, be careful on what everything you do. Take a good care of yourself. Hope you guys have a nice days! :)

cheers! XOXO.


  1. byk kali pl posting kamu ni kan winn. hmm. nda pa, xlm lg grad. all the best! :D u too take care!

  2. final yr ni malar posting rai. huhu. yg dis sem 3 bulan. haha. skrg ni bru 2 wiks pn cm bosan sda. myb sbb dpt hosptl yg sma kn. hoho. wokey! thanx! u too!:)