Friday, October 21, 2011

it's friday!

yeay! it's friday. my favourite day of the week because, I got the day off! weeehuu!

FYI, it's been a month , doing my clinical posting in neuro! yeah, I did learn a lot and found out recently that I'm not really into stroke. huhu :(. Not to say that I hate stroke people or what, but I kinda blur when it comes to this. Hopefully I grow love on stroke. Amen.! But still, I learnt a a lot. If before this, when it comes to neuro, I only think of stroke and TBI, but actually there's a lot more. One month in neuro, I've seen cases like multiple sclerosis, guillain-barre syndrome, chronic inlammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (which was my case study!interesting!) and I think much more but forget the others. (astaga! hoho)

I was in a terrible headache last night. Don't know why :(. I've tried distracting myself by doing other things but it's still hurts. Feels like pricking, throbbing and of course , terrible. I've swallowed paracetamol and still feeling the same. Trying to sleep on it but ended up tossing and turning on the bed. huhu.:( At last, I decided to just force myself to sleep and thanks God, finally I was asleep.

Feel much better then after that. :)

Few days before, I feel like talking to someone. Just a chit chat maybe. Honestly telling, my phone is really in a 'bobou' condition right now. haha! it may seems frustrating sometimes but in the end I find it funny. :)))  People may find it hard to believe when I say my phone is 'bobou' - like, seriously, this is what I'm in now. 

Never mind, I'm still alive. hoho!

You didn't miss me at all? hmm. Ok then. :(

Happy weekend everyone. Have a nice one! :)


  1. migraine mungkin ko ni winn. but, yeah! love it cause it's friday! jgn ko stress2. hehe

  2. yup2. mmg pernah ada history migraine. huhu. so far mc ok lg. blum lg smpi thp stress dewa. hoho.