Friday, September 2, 2011

holiday - last part.

First thing first - Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Happy Independence Day !

Again, my apology. For not being able to update my blog to the very latest stuff or activities that I'm in too.

Oh, just to let you guys know, I only have about 1 week ++ before flying back to KL. : ( *sigh*

How I wish this holiday could stay longer. (hoi! suda2 la cuti tu. dr bulan 5 lg ko cuti. hoho!)

So, this entry, would be the last one , for my holiday story - lah!

I have been very lucky + fortunate recently. It's like a dream come true! hoho. *Thank You Lord*

I'm not sure if you guys had seen my previous post in fb ( which, I don't quite remember when did I post it - last year maybe). I posted about the desire to have a Swatch watch and a Nose heels. I think!  hoho. and today, I mean a few days ago.. I got a Swatch! ohemjih! betul2 dream 

come true punya kan.

A million thanks then to my brother . He bought it for me - birthday gift in advance! hoho.

my pinky colourful swatch!!

Oh then. another gift that I got was from my aunt. She went to Spain for the World Youth Day and look what she got for me. : )
 earrings! love them!
Actually, she got me another one. A red rosary beads, which I totally forgot to take picture of it. Nevermind then!

Since holiday has almost come to its end, I've quit my part time job - mo menghabiskan sisa- sisa cuti kunun! I'll be missing those kids, although they were quite naughty. This has been one of the most wonderful experience I had.
with some of the kids - the other, absent!


Another Fb- post mentioned here. This one was quite new la. A few days ago about getting a hair cut or not. Blame my eyes. hoho! this is because, I've seen my friend with her hair shorter, so saya pun mau2 mcm tu. But then, I'm in dilemma. Afraid that, if I cut it short, I might regret them later.

At last, another episode of hair rebonding. haha!

p/s: sorry. no picture available for this one. hoho. I still look the same, only with the straight and flat hair. hoho.

It's Raya Season now and most of it, I mean Raya 1st till the 3rd day, fully occupied with the invitation.
Sure I've gained weight because I won't stop eating. *habes la*

and then, Sumandakz Reunion. -fantabulous!-

Feels good to be able to catch up with them. hoho. :)

This holidays had been amazingly great for me . I learn and been through a lot, met new people and be friends with them as well as catching up with old friends. Thank God, for another seconds of being able to breathe and enjoy this creation of Yours. Amen!

I'll stop here then. Till then, take a good care of yourself and  do appreciate every moment you have. Have a joyous and enjoyable time with your loved ones.

cheers. xoxo. !


  1. Winn.. ko part time d mana ni byak kids sumel2? time tamparuli idol, cikgu Joachim ka tu kamu jmpa sna? haha

  2. oo.. part time tutor sna toran ba tu marce.. haha. actually mmg kmi sengaja tu pigi sna.. kmi ctau cigu jo kmi mo dtg. jadi dia kc reserved meja. ngam2 ada tu truli idol.. tp sy x sempat tingu la. sy blk awl skit. hehe