Sunday, August 14, 2011

stopping by!

hSunny Sunday! Hooott! oh before that, I hope that you guys have a blessed and pleasant weekend with your loved ones. :)

Unexpected and shocking thing happen recently.

*Dearest Uncle, I prayed to God that may your soul rest in peace. May the family that you left behind, especially my aunt and cousins , be given the strength to live their life. Amen *

I was so damn sick recently, especially after the funeral. A very bad flu + cough. I'm so sleepy but I  couldn't sleep as it is so hard for me to breath. I ain't sure if I have an asthma, but so far, I think  ,I don't. 

Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga, dihempap pasu lagi. hoho! Still in a very bad condition, I mean the flu, I got stung by a bee la pla. Oh. Perfect!
Praise the Lord, I'm feeling much better now except for the cough - sikit la. :)
My thesis title changed again. *sigh*. I've been reading a lot for the previous title and then.. Never mind, my supervisor told me that this new title is much simpler. I hope so, thank you Dr.! :)
Time flies so fast. It's the month of August already. and now it's the fasting month. Happy Fasting to all the Muslim's. ( I bet , it's not too late right? hehe)..

Ms. Tiara,! You're 21! hoho. anyway, I'm wishing you all the best in life and may all your wishes come true. love ya! :))

Okeh! enough for the stop by! I was planning on going to watch a movie today. hopefully jadi la. :)


  1. Aww.. thank u darling winn! :D hope the very same for u as well!

    by the way, sorry to hear about ur uncle. May he rest in peace.

    Bah, kasi siap la thesis ko. Buli enjoy di masa cuti 'lebihan' itu. hahaha

  2. aduh!.. sia bercuti dr bt thesis ni skrg. bcos.. i havent got the new title.. still waiting. hoho

  3. condolences for the lost of ur uncle...btw, sa sgt curious ne..apa jgk ko bwt buli kna sengat??hahah!!ko masuk sem bru ka sda win??

  4. thx mel.. sy baring2 tingu tv ja ba tu.. mmg sah tu bee jeles ma sy. hoho.. blum lg mel.. nti bln 9... bila konvo??