Thursday, July 28, 2011

P stands for ?

P stands for? perempuan cantik, pintar. . haha! P stands for Percubaan!

Last night, my dad was asking me this question , "Nak, kabarani ko drive siso moi lo KK ka? " (it's in dusun actually, but you may spot some grammar error . hoho!) 

Then, I was like blur for a while. ( Usually, I have my mum sitting on the passenger seat whenever I'm driving outside Tuaran - meaning to say, never been alone . )

But  since the other moving object a.k.a kembara is still in the workshop, so there's only left Mr Kancil to move around.. and now that everyone at home own a driving license ( 4 person vs 1 car), so each and everyone of us need to be considerate, being tolerate and sharing - lah! Surely, we don't have the same thing, I mean the same function that we need  to attend.. either one of us stayed at home or take a bus la.! hoho, how pity is the situation kan?? 

Never mind, sharing is caring. Might as well save some gas since only one car left. hoho!

Tidak pun, wait till I won the lottery ticket, I'd buy a Honda Jazz!hoho. ( FYI, Honda Jazz is my fav car . *hmm. beli numbur pun x pernah, apa kan lagi mo harap menang. duh!*)

My dad was having a meeting today. But, at the same time, my mum was going  to school. So, today, I was their driver. We sent my dad first and then my mum. Once my dad finish his meeting, I picked him up.

The alone part was, when I was driving back to the city to pick my dad. Once again, ALONE and FIRST TIME. Thanks God, I reached there and get back home safely. :)

These are some easy  principles or things that I always hold on to when I'm driving ;

oh! before starting any journey, don't forget to PRAY. 

1- Firstly, be BRAVE and COURAGEOUS. Without them, you couldn't even move the car outside of the house.

2- Secondly,be EXTRA CAREFUL and ALERT.

3- Last but not least, make sure YOU DON'T HIT PEOPLE'S CAR or THEY HIT YOU. 

Just chill and relax. hoho! I applied these la kalau saya, but then, up to you guys la . mana- mana yang kmurg rasa comfortable and selamat time driving.

And then, I got another driving lesson today. Driving lesson with a P! haha. Since,  I'm not familiar with the KK routes, my dad decided to give me a some kind of  like "you-drive wherever you want to- and- I- show - you - the- way " driving lessons. haha! interesting right? besa la klu budak baru belajar jalan2 KK ni, dua kali ba salah masuk lane. hoho! it's okay, practices makes perfect. :)

okeh.! mari kita mencuci mata.

coke! for a late lunch!

this was my lunch. I had no  appetite eating rice. so I took this!

okey! enough for tonight. seeing the picture makes me hungry. tapun. :(

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