Sunday, July 17, 2011

R E V I V E !

Previous post of mine - Unfair, Greed, Stupid, Jealousy, Mad, Pity, Frustrated, Disappointed 

Screw you ! Booo! Shhhhuuuuuuu.! Go Away!

Enough with the hell I've felt for the past few days.From now on, I- Winnifred Irene Linggu , will try everything to the VERY BEST OF MY ABILITY, INDEPENDENT, and HAPPY. * yeeehhaaaaa*

Life is too precious to be wasted only to think of people who doesn't even think of you even a second, to feel disappointed over silly things and so much more. So, I will be living my life to the fullest.hoho!                                   

- happy thoughts no matter what-

I don't play any music instruments, I'm not the girl who people would fall for when seeing me  for the first time, I don't master the art of make-ups or hair do, I'm not a fashionista, I don't even own a figure where all the other girls have been dreaming of but I am deeply grateful of being me. Well, nobody's perfect rite? heee.

My besties once said, not everyone is in a relationship-dependent (thanx Rai.! I love you!).It is indeed, so TRUE. Proudly saying, I'm independent and available. ( single is no longer the appropriate term here though! haha~). I'm okay with it. Now, it's the time to just follow the flow. hoho. Because everything is in God's hand. So, I deliver everything unto Him la. Praise the Lord.!

That's okay!I have you, that's all I need. You - yes you!

I'm not alone because I still have you! you - my dear Lord, wonderful family and amazing friends around me. Talk about support. hey! they are the greatest support I had ever have. I love you guys. You are my world!

So, whatever happens, I still have them. Amen.  

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