Friday, July 15, 2011

That's okay..I have you, that's all I need

"That's okay.. I have you, that's all I need " - Gossip Girl , Season 4 - Ep. 8

Addicted to Gossip Girl ? yah, you could say that.. so - so la. *giggles* 

Frankly speaking, I'm a little bit down  recently. Still with the same silly reason that I've been trying to get rid of but still failed to do so. *sigh*

When will life gets better ? huh.

Unfair, Greed, Stupid, Jealousy, Mad, Pity, Frustrated, Disappointed - do lend me an eraser please. I need to get rid of these . 

Breath in, Breath out. I can do this. I'm way stronger than this. I may have lost once, and I did, regret them. But, let it be. I won't turn back no more.

That's okay.. I have you., that's all I need.  - Thanks dear Lord, for the gifts of having such a wonderful family and friends right next to me. They are the greatest gifts that I have ever have. 

Thanks guys! you rock my world. =)

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