Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Joy with the kids!

Thanks God, I'm officially an occupational therapist now! Hehe. Although, still kinda hard for me to accept the fact. Haha

Being OT in a paediatric setting is so much fun. Awesomely fun ! Hehe. This past few weeks, despite of all the still- adapting-and -learning-process with those kids behaviour, I enjoyed watching them. Enjoying them to the fullest.

Despite their disabilities, I find them to be so adorable and cute. Hehe. 

We were having this physical activity session and the kids were playing passing ball with music. The music stop and the kids holding the ball need to dance. Got this one pair, with the 'Perhaps' song - they were so cute, dancing together. It's like they've planned it before but they didn't. Perhaps! Hehe

They really do bring joy to me. :)


  1. haha karaja sudah di si auntie :)
    haha gud luck :)

  2. iyerr.. begini laini angkol..demi mencari sesuap nasi kan. haha. thanx yer.. all the best juga. final yr sda kan??