Sunday, October 27, 2013

on leave #1

Officially an employee early this year, so I'm entitled to a 19 days annual leave. Since I'm on probation for 3 months, that actually maintained my numbers of leave. Aite? Hoho.

I never did calculate how many leave I've taken nor how many left after the probation period. All I know is that I haven't been running out of them.

So, I've been told during the weekly meeting that I still have 15 + 1/2 days of leave. What?? Haha. I was like, "Betul ba??" and the others were like, "Punya siok ko masi banyak cuti". 

Thus, in order to make use of the leave, I've got myself a week off from work. Haha. One week, just like that? Haha. It's actually school break for the students except for the therapist and now, the other exception for me-lah!

So, one week holiday quite a long time, right? I've got all planned for the week. Konon. 

my to-do list yang x semua pun siap kena buat dlm masa 1 wik ni. phew!

So, today, officially ended sudahlah my on leave #1. Till then, another on leave #2. Soon, enough. Hehe.

Peonies + rose bouquet! So damn nice kan? hehe


  1. whoaa. glad to hear that. i also just came back after 1 week school holiday. i means, university.

    enjoy your leave dear. have a nice breaks=)

  2. yup3. enjoying them to the max. hehe

  3. you r lucky. i only hv 15days of annual leave...

  4. Hehe. that's last year. This year, I only have 7 days of annual leave.Hmm.