Friday, May 25, 2018

Yes or No ?

Earlier this week, I got a text from someone saying :

"Shallom sis. Bole tolong jadi pemazmur untuk anak saya kawin 2hb ni?"

Deep inside:

"Bole. Bole sangat. Bole jadi pemazmur".

Sadly, I didn't get to reply that. Instead :

"Nanti saya kasi confirm balik ar. X sure dapat cuti ka x.

The next day after asking my boss about it, and this was my response :

" Sorry anty. Saya tidak dapat jadi pemazmur. Saya tidak dapat cuti"


This may look like a simple situations in our daily life but being me, this is quite difficult. Why being me ? Because, it's hard for me to say NO. I don't want to turn them down.

Like Aunty B would say - slave of affection. Tidak mau kasi sakit hati orang lain.

Here in JMC, staffs need to apply leave 2 weeks prior to the date; except for emergency cases. But I did try asking my boss, just in case if I still can. Unfortunately, nope. Plus, I don't have that much leave left for my wedding.

With heavy heart, I need to say no. The after effect - I felt guilty.

I bet we all have been through situation that makes us feel torn or caught in between. But, in the end we need to decide what's best even though it may affect us.

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