Saturday, May 12, 2018

20 cent #3 - 14th General Election

5 years gone by and this year was my second time voting in Malaysia's general election, #GE14.

That 5 years ago #GE13, this politics stuff was not my main  concern. In short, I don't care. It has nothing to do with me. But still, I voted. Mainly because my father was one of the candidates running for the DUN seat; and of course,being a first-timer. Excited-lah konon.

Along that 5 years, I took no interest as well with my surroundings. I live life like the usual, merely complaining about stress at works, traffic jam that I need to go through everyday,  and how I wish to get away from my routine . When mostly  people complained about how GST's and the petrol price affect their life, I remained silent. Bukan juga anak urang kaya ba, tapi  I have what I need-lah. 

I get excited waiting for BR1M every year, except for this year - I don't get it and I don't know why. Deblang sedang diproses. Duh! Tiapa juga tu. X penting. Hihi.
I managed to renew my driving licence and passport without taking leave. Thanks to UTC.

Nearing to the end of this 5 years term, Malaysian has been voicing out the need for government change. Deep inside, I could feel that, #GE14 will set the change.

And this time, I am so keen to vote and fulfill my duty. Not because of the previous reason, but I felt like it's my rights and  I wanted a better future.

Blogging this today - 3 days post #GE14, it is truly a brand new Malaysia. New government. The people have spoken - among the famous line on social media now. This is indeed a great history - new government after 60 years and Tun M as the Prime Minister again.

Congratulations! Hope for a better change.

In Sabah itself, political drama arise and it has been going on for almost 3 days. I have never been so eager, constantly checking my FB and whatsapp for the latest info. Cuti juga kan.Haha!

Being me, I don't comment publicly on the politic's updates posted in FB.Sticking to this. Although I do have my personal opinion and would only share it with people that I trust.
Yalah, inda lah ba juga tiba-tiba mau becerita pasal politik sama orang yang x dikenali di bustop kan. Hehe

It is sad to see how some comments are rude, irrational and childish. Personally, this is what I called abusing the freedom of speech. Keyboard warrior gitu. Semua mau trip hero ba. 


I hope that Sabah get to settle this drama asap.

In the name of the Lord, Amen.

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