Sunday, June 17, 2012

he's the one ♥

he's the one! ;)

Yep, no doubt. He's the one - my father, as we used to call him Didie. :)

Happy Father's Day Didie.  For what everything you did and gave to me, words are far beyond enough to express how thankful and grateful I am, being your one and only daughter. Hee.

May God's blessings falls upon you abundantly . Amen.

Oh ya, and of course to all the fathers out there, and soon to be one - wishing you guys Happy Father's Day too. ;)


  1. saya kan?? mmg la ba ko kanal. haha

  2. si angkol bah hahaha
    masam sa slalu nampak juga dari dulu .. haha

  3. oh. sy pikir sy sukup fames sda utk ko kanal. haha. iya, c angkol laitu. ngeh2.

  4. hahahaha nanti sa tulung c famous kau la.. macam..? ?buli .>? ?haha

  5. mhmm. nda apa la. x sy dpt pigi tamu dgn senang kalau fames sda yo.haha

  6. hahhaha iyakan .. susah nanti saya minta blanja lau sudah femes yo... haha