Friday, July 6, 2012

UKM's journey.

Hullo! Apologies, long time haven't been able to scribble down the inside story. But, hey - I'm back! :)

I'm not that busy, but it's just that I don't have any idea what to update. Now, that I have - I'm going to scribble like I never before. Konon-lah!

I've just submitted my hard bound thesis. I thought that I would be feeling excited, happy, relief and etc, but actually, I don't feel anything at all. Denial state, I guess. Denying the fact that I've finished with all that stuff. Huh!

So, here's my journey- in UKM . :)

First Year

In the early months of my first year study here, was not that good. In fact, I was going to quit UKM. Thank God, I had a very supportive family and friends back then, I chose to stay here. You see (if you guys knew me outside of this inside story), OT wasn't my  first choice. So, it's kinda hard for me to accept the fact that I got OT. Besides, being away ( awaaaay) from family makes it worse.

So, if you asked me anything about my orientation week - Sorry, I only have little memories on it. I was too depressed (la kot.haha!) during that time, that I tend to forget what ever happen on that time. This one is true - read psychology to know more. He He.

Moment 1

In a hall, with course mate - orientation week. Listening to briefing about each courses.

Coursemate : Hi, nama saya A******. Nama kamu siapa ?
Me : Hi, nama saya Winnie. ( serious face)
Coursemate : Oh, comelnyer nama kamu.
Me : Thanks. (Oh man, I forgot her name already. Sorry.)

See, how miserable I was on that time? I forgot her name. But, hey, she has been one  of my closest friends here since then. He He. Thanks Aziella. :)

Well, after a few months being in UKM, I began to enjoy them. Especially, when I got to know my Borneo gang. They became my strength and courage living my life here. Thanks kawan-kawan!

Second Year

I realized that, little by little , I have fallen in like with OT. Thank God. I've came to realize that things happen for a reason. Second year, senior2 sudah sikit. Jadi, pandai sudah la tembirang2. Ha Ha! tidak la juga. Senior yang baik ba. Ha Ha Ha.

My friends and I were very active in all the college activities. Maklumlah, gila merit kan. Mo stay dalam kunun. So, main bantai seja semua jawatan yang ada. Yang penting, merit and duduk dalam. He He.

Second semester was very stressful for me as I became the exhibition exco for Festival 1 Malaysia. This involved me dealing with outside people, which was the not my expertise and I really (27x) don't like it. I was out for meeting almost every night. Damn busy, kan?

I remember, I really need a break on that one time. I put my phone on silent mode with no vibrate and slept for about half an hour. As I woke up, banyak sudah missed calls. Dashyat kan? Ha Ha

My first clinical posting - Orthopedic and surgical in Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Temerloh.

Nervous and all that stuff. First time kan, mestilah masi blur2 lagi. When I look back my case study on that time, ketawa sendiri. duh, naive pula dulu2 ni. Ha Ha.

Third Year

Senioooor lagi. Ha Ha. Bestnya dapat ramai junior baru Borneo. He He. Sukaaaa! Awal-awal 3rd year ni, ada crisis. Huh. Pasal IPC - International Power Lifting Championship. This was my first time that I stand up for my opinion and got rejected just like that. Huh! I'm a bit shy and not that courageous person. So, when I stand up for this, meaning to say, I really meant it. Huhu. But, nevertheless, I'm grateful that my opinion was rejected. This is because, it was among the best experiences I had being a volunteer. He He. Not to mention, dapat souvenir dari Coach Thai. Ha Ha!

Clinical posting in Melaka and HKL for this 3rd year. Awesome! He He. And I was doing my Industrial training back in Sabah.Read here

Moment 2
I was doing my psychiatry posting in Melaka and one of those days was actually my 21st birthday. So, one of the patient, which was also my case study patient gave me a gift. Mug, if I'm not mistaken. But, since I'm still a student, and ya la.. according to ethics and etc, I didn't take that gift. I just left them in the department.

Moment 3

I was helping out my friend with her case study patient. Her patient was having traumatic brain injury and got  problem with his speech. (read up on TBI, and you'll see what the effects are). Funny thing was that, he was in that condition and dia masih buli main mata sama saya. Astaga! memang saya tidak faham yang ini. In mind on that time - Dei, ni urang. sakit2 pun masih mo mengurat.yay!

Fourth Year

Supppeeeeerrrrr - Sennniiiioooor. No more classses! Weeehuuu! Clinical posting and thesis.

My clinical posting - HKL, PPUKM, Hospital Selayang and OT UKM.

This was my super duper busy, stressful year but Thank God, I managed to get through it. Up till now, I don't believe that saya almost mau habis suda.

In the early months being a fourth year student, looking forward to the end. But, when I almost reached the end, sedih juga. Huhu.

UKM has taught me a lot. Friends, experiences and all those amazing moments I had here will always be remembered. Thank you guys! Words are far beyond enough to express how exactly  I felt, but this is one of the way la. I am gonna miss you guys. Hu Hu

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