Tuesday, July 17, 2012

confessions of a house-NOT-wife #1

This is my second week of being so damn free, sitting at home.

Yeah, of course. Memang saya sedang berguyang-guyang kaki ni sekarang. Heish.

Two weeks at home - I've done a lot of thinking, and got some, I mean one inspiration-lah!

If previously, I soo wanted a job here, in Sabah. Now that I think of it, looking through all those circumstances and etc, OT scope here is quite limited. I guess, I need to be away from home again. *sigh*

Unless, I want to be something that is not OT, then I can stay here la. foreveer. hoho.

But in the meantime, I mean, while waiting for my convocation day, I am planning on looking for a job.Temporarily la. At least, adalah income masuk kan. daripada duduk rumah seja.

Huh. Any tips on that?

Duduk rumah lama-lama pun buli stress pula kan. Heish.

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