Saturday, June 18, 2011

kisah LI saya.=)

oyeay! saya dengan ini mengisytiharkan LI sudah habis! hohoo... weeee^^

Saya berjaya mengharungi kepayahan bangun awal - balik lambat selama sebulan ber LI. tahniah semua.!

First of all, no pictures will be post here as  I think it is not really appropriate to post the client's pictures here. Privacy la . So, only some stories la .

I was doing my LI at Jabatan Perkhidmatan Kebaijikan Am , Sabah .. located in Sembulan there. So, you see. It took about 1 hour plus2 reaching there from my home. So, everyday, I woke up around 5.30 and got back home only around 8.30. So tiring.. huhu *sigh*.

Early in the morning because need to send so many people and late in the evening due to traffic jams and waiting for my brother. huhu. =(

This LI season.. I mean what do I did during this time.. involved in  managing the OKU - filling .. online registration and doing some assessment.. and then  OKU home visit...

After that, visit to the old folks home and special children.. wahhh.. learn a lot and met so many new people.!

This has been the most wonderful LI experience for me. The people were so nice and helpful. no stress! hope that this would be the environment that I'm going to have for my real career world. Amen.!

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