Saturday, June 18, 2011

mini smeshian reunion..^^

I have never been to any of my school reunion. So, this considered as my first time la. I mean with the others la.. because before this, only with the Sumandakz ma. hoho!

So,this event took place in Pulau Manukan dan CP.. (* this is my first time going to Pulau also. haha!*)

Out of 100 person in my batch, only 9 showed up for the pulau trip. haha! but still, I enjoyed them to the fullest. Interesting and quite funny part was.. it was raining on that day .. not really the types of cat and dog but still.. raining- lah!.. oh,  I was going to say this in Malay - walaupun hujan turun mencurah-curah, semangat kami pergi ke pulau tidak pudar. haha!

some of the pictures! wanna see more, visit my fb. =)

Confirm basah habis la as soon as we arrived there and yes, we were the first so- called- tourist came on that day. haha! maybe the others canceled their plans once the rain started pouring. unlike us ! hoho

The activities done were - BBQ, photo shoots with various types of camera, snorkelling - first time also, mandi- manda. haha!

This is considered as my first time going to the beach without getting sun burn. pheww!. haha. because the weather was a bit cloudy and not so sunny. heee! i liikkkeeeee.=)

reunion in CP- the next day.

okay! looking forward to another smeshian reunion. =)

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