Friday, February 10, 2012

I fancied pink.

There is no need for you to  ask me what is my favourite colour. See for yourself and you may find - it's pink! Ho Ho

To start off, I honestly admit that pink wasn't even my favourite colour before this. I remember that  I really - 27x dislike this colour. I even make fun of people who fancy pink. I guess what comes around, goes around. Karma laini!~ hmm.

Then, it was all started when I really felt like heaven seeing all kinds of stuffs in pink  colour . It's an indescribable feeling. I wasn't aware of it but my friends noticed that most of my properties are in  pink  colour.

Since then, I'm a  pink-lover! :)

Pink comes in different tones, right? sometimes, too pinky, less pinky or teraaannngg sangat.. yang lembut2 orang bilang.. ( I'm trying to explain here, hopefully you'll get 'em. Ho Ho). For me, I don't have that specific tone of pink that I'm attracted to and not all the pink colour is my favourite. It's all depends on what I feel on that exact time (when seeing the pink colour-lah!)

So, here's some of images for you guys to cuci2 mata. If some of you are allergic to pink, I'm deeply sorry then. :)

yummy pinky!:)

pink slipper! I used to have one but putus ody!:)

What's your favourite colour?

Maybe, a pink birthday gift this year?? Ho Ho.

Blessed weekend everyone . :)