Monday, February 6, 2012

.in the name of ♥ .

Most of the magazines I've read stated that February is the month of love. Probably because , 14th is Valentine Day is it? Oh, I don't know. Maybe.

If you guys happen to be on the MAS plane this February and have a sneak peek on the Going Places magazine, you may find this one article, ( oh damn! I forgot the title) about love rituals in certain culture around the world - declaring your love require more than saying "I Love You". * something2 like that la!*

Not because I'm in love or being single but, the rituals are actually somehow interesting and I was like 'what??'. 

Since I'm interested ( kunun ), I would love to share some of them here. Ho Ho Ho.

1. Estonia - Padlock Bridge

Honestly, I don't know where the heck is Estonia (sila la google jika rajin) but this Padlock Bridge is in Estonia - lah!

Couples will write /carved their names on the padlock and put them in the bridge. The padlock key, thrown in the river. Putting a lock on the bridge symbolizes the undying and eternal love between the couples because once the padlock key thrown in the river, for sure you won't be able to get them back.

Honestly, I think this one is sweet and very symbolic. :)
Maybe I should carve my name and put one on my house fence? Haha!
credits : Google.

2. Rural Austria - Underarm Apples

This one a bit odd and 'euw'. But, please. Bear with me. Ho Ho Ho.

Young women will do a ritual dance with apple slices lodged in their armpits. They will give the slices to the man she's interested to after the dance and the man eats it.


3. Mauritania - Wife Fattening

I believe every girls dreaming of having a perfect body figure ( saya pun ba! Ho Ho), maybe 36-24-36?
Ha Ha!

But dear, if you are in Mauritania and you are searching  for your soul mate, I tell you this. Just forget everything, I repeat, everything related to having a slim body figure. Here, you don't need that. The bigger size of body you own here, more guys will be attracted to you. They have this belief that bigger woman brings more happiness and luck.

Besides, the woman's size indicates the amount of space she occupies in her husband's heart.

They also have this "Wife -Fattening Farm" which all the girls will be send here for the fattening process. Ho Ho.

Ba, jadey?? apa lagi. ?? Jadi gumuk la kita. Haha!

4. Wales - Love Spoons

Guy gives a girl this love spoons. 

credits : Google

So, which method would you guys pick to declare you love?? Ho Ho.
Be brave!

Take care people! :)


  1. i'd rather pick estonia's ritual. Rural Austria's ritual is too freaky.. Oh, saw the 'wife fattening' on NatGeo long time ago. Kinda pity for the girls. They were forced to drink fresh cow's milk, eat and sleep 24/7 for almost a month before the marriage. My gosh..

    p/s: i'm not sure if it's a month or less or more but still, kinda a torture..

  2. Estonia's ritual tu la yg plg normal sy rs. Ho Ho. yup3. I've seen yg wife fattening tu but in a movie la.. hoho.. Queen Latifah yg berlakon.. hoho.

  3. I'll choose Zalia's ritual, at Jambatan Tamparuli. Ho ho! Kasi jatuh kasut tinggi d sna.

  4. Zal : haha. itu lg siok. ksut tinggi ko sm ksut bf la. hoho.
    eyanz: hepi valentine day too dear. :)

  5. loving the love ritual tp sa suka itu wife fattening..xpyh susah2!!dtg sja sna,trus byk peminat sda!!mwahahahha!!

  6. haha.. klu yg kurus tepaksa la menggemukkan diri dulu mel. hoho.