Sunday, February 5, 2012

sunny afternoon

My holiday here in Sabah as a student officially ended today. Tomorrow, back to KL. *sigh*

Although, my holiday has been cut short ( because the real date is actually another two weeks from now) - I've experienced joy, happiness, boring, dull, sad and latest one is frustrated + disappointed. :(

I was having my nap earlier, and once I woke up, I started to wander around. Feeling a little bit sad actually,leaving home. But, this the nature ( I bet ) being a final year student, you need to sacrifice a lot of things just to graduate within time. *Amen*

I just hope that my lemak2 would be sacrificed during the hectic time later or maybe vice versa? Oh,. God. Hopefully not latter one.

Remember, in my previous post. . I used to always remind and promise myself, not to expect again for the uncertain things.

This time, I really (27x) didn't expect anything until being able to see face to face. Now, I am feeling a little bit mad to myself for having such feeling. Why on earth did this happen??

Hmm. On the positive side, this feeling is actually  a counter-effect of my sadness . I could use some distraction right now. 

Oh, I am talking crap. haha. Probably because I am hungry. Off for some food search first then.

Happy thoughts no matter what.:)