Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my January!

I have been dying to scribble my inside story in here but due to the so-lame-internet-connection, my desire is &%^$%$%%. hmm. Never mind, finally today is the day! Ho Ho . :)

Aha! To start of, my January begins with my final exam la! 3 papers with one week gap each, Thank God, I've managed to get through that. Hopefully, I will be able to get a good result then. Amen. The papers - no comment. Ha Ha Ha. Plus, I've mentioned them earlier  in my other post.

Okay, as soon the exams finished, home town is my next destination. Safely arrived! Great!

First week here, spent most of the time at home. Except, being asked as unpaid driver. 

My initial plan was - I wasn't going to tell my home coming here in Sabah. Not to say that I wanted to make a real surprise like surprise! kind of thing, but I just feel like don't have the heart to tell everyone that I'm home. Maybe it's because, my comebacks is just a short one.

and sorry you! I purposely didn't tell you. Once I'm in Sabah, then I told you I'm home. Don't get mad. Surprise? Hehe. :)

Second week here, awesome! because it's school holiday and everyone was around! Feels great seeing everyone gathered around - family la of course. :)

This was the first time I was able to be here for a CNY celebration. Not that I celebrate them, but since I'm studying 'abroad', I never come back for this kind of occasion. When I think back, this new uni schedule enable me to be here for Raya and CNY. Ha Ha.! For this year CNY, I managed to get RM20 for Ang Pow. I'm satisfied with that because I only went to one house. So, not bad-lah kan! Ha Ha.

Then, meeting you-lah! two times! I felt that the time flies by so fast  - again, after a few years of not feeling like that. Weird! I'm not so sure myself what this is. Hopefully, it's good news. :)

Another best part was the January family's gathering. A little bit of changes done. Besides prayer, dinner together and birthday celebration, another addition to the day was a gotong-royong. Good! and this month, movie session together. I'm extremely grateful being part of them! You guys rock my world! :)

Emergency case - going back to my mom's kampung ( my kampung also rite?). It's been years and finally coming back again, so many changes. And I have this indescribable feelings when one of my cousin came over and say ," Nak, ko besar suda o kan." Oh, did I? *monolog dalaman saya la.

Few days left before going back to KL. :(. I miss you!


  1. hate going back to KL but CAN'T WAIT to 'leave' KL soon sbg degree-student UKM.hoohooo

  2. ya bah winn..... kestau sy..... sepa ka 'you'?

  3. jack : keep on waiting-lah! haha
    zal : hehehe. nti2 la.. :)