Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last holiday as a student?

yeay! it's been a week here at my home town, Sabah! yippeee!

One of my target during this short holiday is to learn and play guitar. Yep, I'm learning! but my fingers damn hurt! huhu. I guess, that's the sacrifices I need to make to learn something new, aite? hey, but I'm still a beginner. Much more lower than a beginner perhaps? hoho

Sometimes, in the midst of learning.. I suddenly feel like,.. OMG! I'm this big enough baru mo terasa belajar this kind of thing,.. Why on earth this rasa  didn't come when I was having my looong holiday or when I was in my early Uni years?  - Because I'm a final year student now. hoho

Hopefully, I can master the basic art of guitar this short holidays and learn more after this.

Pray for me so that I won't lose hope in learning guitar? - Amen.

P/s : Gong Xi Fatt Chai.! Have a prosperous one! :)


  1. Sy pnh try blajar time cuti. Then, just when I thought of continuing my self-lesson during the next holiday, my nephew ran away with the guitar. There goes my dream. Ha ha!


  2. oh dear,i appreciate your effort to learn art music field. u know what, my first learning process started since my secondary school and my fingers got damn hard n hurt!

    but i love playing guitar, i can sing freely without minus one or so on and look what i got now, i found amusement and satisfaction!

    just learn it dear.i support you!=)

  3. haha.. i envied u a little . u play guitar so good dear! yeah! gonna learn them!