Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First paper of my final year semester - done!

Ha Ha Ha! done with my neurology paper.. which I am totally speechless on commenting whether it's easy, so-so or hard.

The usual routines I would have been doing after I had seated for the exam, I would be arranging the related notes nicely and put them aside. SO, THAT I WON'T REGRET MY ANSWER PREVIOUSLY. hoho!

Well, that is the thing that we should do right?

But, for this semester, that routine is no longer applicable. *sigh*

This is because, somehow somewhere, all this 3 paper for this sem are related.

Next paper is Geriatric. So, you see, for sure there would be a neurology condition also. Means, I can't simply put aside my Neuro notes, kan? huh.


Selagi ingatan masi tegar, I want to share the exam questions here. Because,  I tend to completely forgot the questions starting tomorrow morning. So, I would like to post it here - next time I'm blogwalking on my own blog which is maybe few months or years from now (kalau saya panjang umur la,.) I would be laughing till my stomach hurts . Ha Ha Ha.


1 - someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease with a catastrophic reaction. ( FYI, I haven't heard anything about this term until today).  then, soalan dia, pathopysiology AD and define catastrophic reaction. Ha Ha Ha! Pathophysiology? haha. saya tidak baca langsung sbb yakin ini barang x keluar. kunun. but you see? ohemjih.

2 - stroke. aphasia vs dysarthria? haha! saya baca sekali lalu seja. I'm not sure if I have given the exact points.

3- TBI. the only part yang saya confident skit. haha!

4- MS. yang ni pn hampeh! seriously, I have no idea what is the tx precautions and the strategies involved. haha!

Okeh. off for some mind-clearing session now. hoho.


  1. so glad to know this dear!!youo sure will be okey there!gud luck for your life!=)

  2. sy punya 1st paper............. macam tuuuuuuuuuuuuut..... end of the story. haha :)

  3. hahaha. past is past. get over it.